Giant Loop Pronghorn Straps Peek

August 30, 2013
Courtesy of Giant Loop Moto
Motorcycle soft luggage and gear packing systems innovator Giant Loop has introduced Pronghorn Straps, the multi-purpose, quick connecting, dead solid, super tough solution for securing gear to motorcycles. Essential equipment for every motorcyclist, the stretch polyurethane Pronghorn Straps are made in Canada using virtually unbreakable fasteners and are available in three color-coded lengths: gray 16 in. (MSRP $15), orange 20 in. (MSRP $17) and red 26 in. (MSRP $19).

Pronghorn Straps use dynamic tension to secure everything from Giant Loop luggage to water and fuel bottles and other items that can be lashed to tail racks, engine guards and other solid components. Multiple Pronghorn Straps can be chained together to make various lengths.

Sold in packages of two, the ¾ in.-wide Pronghorn Straps feature Giant Loop’s iconic cow skull graphic and design mantra: “Go Light. Go Fast. Go Far.”

Giant Loop’s new straps are named for the Pronghorn (aka the American Antelope), an animal indigenous to the American West and known for being fast, tough and able to withstand the harsh environments of the Great Basin.

Pronhorn Straps and the entire Giant Loop adventure motorcycle gear collection are available from international distributors, as well as from a network of dealers throughout the USA. Giant Loop designs and tests products in Bend, Oregon and manufactures everything in the USA – except for the Canadian made Pronghorn Straps. For all the details, go to