Loretta Lynn Motocross – Friday 2013

August 3, 2013

By Byron Wilson

Matt Bisceglia took the 2013 Open Pro Sport title at Loretta Lynns on Friday.
Matt Bisceglia took the 2013 Open Pro Sport title at Loretta Lynn’s on Friday.

The first national champions of 2013 were crowned in the Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship presented by AMSOIL at Loretta Lynn’s on Friday. Leading the way in the Open Pro Sport Category, Matt Bisceglia earned his third consecutive moto victory in the Open Pro Sport class.

“I started third or fourth, not too bad, but not where I wanted to be,” Bisceglia said. “I made a couple of passes, got behind Shane (McElrath), then made a big mistake and almost crashed. I probably lost two or three seconds but regrouped and caught him in the lappers.

“I made a clean pass (for the front) and knew I was in really good shape,” continued Bisceglia. “From there I put my head down and sprinted a couple of laps (to widen the lead). I’m glad I’m able to do that. I didn’t get tired, I didn’t fade, and that is what won it for me.”

McElrath finished second overall behind Bisceglia in Open Pro Sport, thanks to his 3-3-2 result.

In 450 B Limited action, Aaron Plessinger sealed the deal with his third straight moto win in the class, where he also took the $100 Motorcycle-Superstore.com Holeshot Award. Derek Valenzula finished the 450 C class on top, going 1-1-2, and Josh Cartwright took his title in the College B/C (16-24) with a 3-3-2 result.

Robbie Reynard bested Vet 35+ Moto 1 winner Timmy Ferry in the class, going 2-1-1 for the top spot overall. Ferry still has a strong shot at a title of his own though, in the Junior 25+ class where’s he’s been perfect through the first two motos.

In 51 (4-6) Special Limited, Daxton Bennick dominated with a 1-1-1 finish and Jett Reynolds did the same in the 51 (7-8) Limited and 65 (7-9) Limited classes. Joey Crown made the top step overall in the Mini Sr. (12-14) class, going 2-3-1 and Mitchell Harrison went undisputed in the Super Mini 1 (12-15) with a 1-1-1 finish.

Mackenzie Tricker earned her first championship at Lorettas in the Women  14+  class on Friday.
Mackenzie Tricker earned her first championship at Loretta’s in the Women (14+) class on Friday.

Mackenzie Tricker was unable to pull a third win in the Women (14+) class, but her 1-1-4 finish was good enough to secure her the championship in the class, the first in her career.

Though he didn’t walk away with a title, Jordan Biese left a success after he became the first rider to earn four or more Motorcycle-Superstore.com Holeshot Awards across all classes. The $100 dollar prizes came in all three 65 (7-9) Limited class motos and the fourth was earned in the 51 (7-8) class.

“Right before I sprained my arm, I would practice 75 holeshots every two days,” Biese said, proving that practice makes perfect. “I’ve had a great time racing here this year.”

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Friday’s Holeshot Award Winners
Vet B/C (30+): Michael Mitchell
Two-stroke B/C (16+): Josh Cartwright
450B: Tyler McSwain
450A: Nick Fratz Orr
Super Mini 2 (13-16): Ramyller Alves
65 (7-11): Ty Masterpool
Senior (40+): John Grewe
250B: Will Markolf
250A: Jace Owen
250C: Chandler Hiatt
Vet (35+): Scott Sheak
Mini Sr. (12-14): Enzo Lopes
85 (9-11) Limited: Jalek Swoll
Women (14+): Mackenzie Tricker
51 (7-8) Limited: Matthew LeBlanc
51 (4-6) Limited: Owen Covell
51 (4-6) Special Limited: Moon Gerrits
51 (4-6) Shaft Drive Limited: Austin Schefer
Schoolboy 2 (13-16) B/C: Henry Miller
450C: Brent Carson
65 (10-11) Limited: Haruki Segawa
65 (7-9) Limited: Jordan Biese
450 B Limited: Aaron Plessinger
Super Mini 1 (12-15): Michael Mossiman
Open Pro Sport: Paul Coates
85 (9-11): Lance Kobusch
College B/C (16-24): Trevor Tate
Senior (45+): Trampas Parker
Masters (50+): David Hand