Loretta Lynn Motocross – Thursday 2013

August 2, 2013

By Byron Wilson

Matt Bisceglia remained undefeated through Thursday at Loretta Lynns  taking the Open Pro Sport Moto 2 win.
Matt Bisceglia remained undefeated through Thursday at Loretta Lynn’s, taking the Open Pro Sport Moto 2 win.

Competitors began the second round of motos on Thursday at the 2013 Red Bull AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship presented by AMSOIL, and a number of racers are proving tough to beat. Matt Bisceglia remained undefeated after winning Moto 2 in the Open Pro Sport class. Though he didn’t rip the Motorcycle-Superstore.com Holeshot like he did in Moto 1, Bisceglia powered through the ranks until mid-race, when he finally took over the front.

“I knew my endurance would be there,” said Bisceglia. “Nobody has been working harder than me this summer. I knew if I could just get in the lead, they wouldn’t be able to hang with me for more than a couple of laps. I got to the lead and from there I rode a smart, safe race and just had fun.”

Jordan Smith had a similarly impressive day, earning his second win in the 250 B Limited class after taking the Motorcycle-Superstore.com Holeshot.

“My first holeshot ever in nine years of racing here,” said Smith. “I got a good start. It’s a good feeling to go around that first turn with nobody in front of you. I was saying, ‘Please cross the stripe first!’ I did and it was awesome.

“I rode really hard the first half of the race, built a 10-second lead, and just rode it in from there. The track was rough and there were a lot of square edges out there today, which you really never see here. It was fun to mix it up and I definitely had a good time.”

Aaron Plessinger remained undefeated in the 450 B Limited class after earning the Moto 2 win, as did Derek Valenzuela in 450 C and former pro motocross racer Timmy Ferry in Junior 25+. Ferry also raced the Vet 35+ class, which he won on Tuesday. He came up slightly short on Thursday in Moto 2 though, crossing the line in second behind Robbie Reynard. Ferry did notch the Moto 2 holeshot, however, earning a $100 dollar prize from Motorcycle-Superstore.com.

Timmy Ferry took the Motorcycle-Superstore.com Holeshot in Vet 35+ Moto 2 at Loretta Lynns.
Timmy Ferry took the Motorcycle-Superstore.com Holeshot in Vet 35+ Moto 2 at Loretta Lynn’s.

“With all the mud we’ve had this week, it has not been a ‘come out of retirement’ kind of race,” said Ferry. “I’m having a good time. Guys were giving me grief about not getting those holeshots. Today I thought, ‘Man, I need to get me one of those $100 awards.’ I’m mainly here for my son this week. It’s his first experience here, but now we’re even with holeshots this year.”

Trampas Parker is undefeated in the Senior 45+ division and Jett Reynolds nabbed his second consecutive moto win in the 51 (7-8) class as well. Hannah Hodges maintained her perfect record in the Girls (12-16) class, as did Jazzmyn Canfield in Girls (9-11) and Mackenzie Tricker in Women (14+).

Others saw marked improvement over their first moto efforts, such as Benny Bloss, the Schoolboy 2 (13-16) B/C Moto 2 winner. Bloss struggled during the first outing in the class, finishing 16th. Bradley Taft also recovered from a disappointing Moto 1 showing (23rd-place) in Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C to win Moto 2.

Click here for full results from Loretta Lynn’s 2013.

Thursday’s Holeshot Award Winners
250C: Jake Fuerst
Vet (35+): Tim Ferry
Mini Sr. (12-14): Matthew Gross
85 (9-11) Limited: Jalek Swoll
Women (14+): Kaitlyn Morrow
Schoolboy 2 (13-16) B/C: Ryan Suratt
450C: Dylan Coen
65 (10-11) Limited: Joshua Varize
65 (7-9) Limited: Jordan Riese
450B Limited: Oscar Esparis
Super Mini 1 (12-15): Austin Forkner
Open Pro Sport: Paul Coates
85 (9-11) Stilez Robertson
College B/C (16-24) Cody Williams
51 (7-8) Limited: Jordan Biese
51 (4-6) Limited: Owen Covell
51 (4-5) Special Unlimited: Moon Gerrits
51 (4-6) Shaft Drive Ltd.: Michael Taulk
Senior (45+): Tampas Parker
Masters (50+): Kreg Bigelow
Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C: Kyler West
Girls (12-16): Cassandra Stephens
Girls (9-11) : Taylor Snow
Junior (25+): James Povolny
250C Limited: Luciano Santos
250B Limited: Jordon Smith
Mini Sr. (12-14) Limited: Cameron Cannon

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