RSD Offers Misano Fork Accessories

August 21, 2013
Courtesy of RSD
RSD Misano Steering Stem Nut
The RSD Misano line of fork accessories range from Misano Steering Stem Nuts/Bolts to Misano Fork Preload Adjusters.
RSD Misano Fork Preload Adjusters

RSD Introduces its Misano Front Fork Accessories

From our preload adjusters to our riser hole plugs for use of clip-ons and stem nuts, we’ve added detail to every corner of the triple clamp, ensuring a pleasant view from behind the bars. Add the fact that the Misano products do a fine job of blending with the other RSD products and you will have no problem stylizing from your perspective.

Misano Steering Stem Nut/Bolt
RSD Misano Stem Nuts are fashioned to match our Fork Cap and Riser Hole Plugs while taking styling cues from high performance suspension components.
• Easy bolt-on installation
• Replaces stock steering stem nut/bolt
• CNC machined from billet aluminum & stainless steel
Replaces OEM Stem Nut, Part # 45718-60, 4453 & 6655

Misano Riser Plug-Set
When installing Clip Ons we use these Misano race styled Riser Hole Plugs to clean up the holes in the top of your stock triple clamp.
• Easy bolt-on installation
• CNC machined from billet aluminum
• Hides unsightly riser mounting holes in top triple tree
• Universal

Misano Fork Preload Adjusters
The RSD Preload Fork Adjusters allow on-the-fly fork spring preload adjustment. With the use of an allen wrench, you can easily increase or decrease preload to alter the handling characteristics for a softer or stiffer ride.
• Replaces the OEM top fork caps
• Available for 39mm and 49mm forks
• Easy installation
• No need to remove forks or top triple tree from bike
• CNC machined from billet aluminum
• Up to 1.15″ of preload adjustability