2014 Can-Am Spyder RT Gets New Inline Triple

September 15, 2013
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Can-Am debuted a host of changes to its premium touring Spyder roadsters at the company’s annual dealer meeting Sunday in Orlando, Florida – including a majorly revised 2014 Can-Am Spyder RT. Foremost among the revisions is a new Inline Triple Rotax engine, the powerplant replacing the model’s previous 998cc Rotax V-Twin. The engine is exclusive to the 2014 RT line as the 2014 Spyder RS and ST models continue to source the Rotax V-Twin.

The Rotax 1330 ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) high torque engine, three years in the making, features three cylinders in a 3.31-inch bore hammering at a 3.14-inch stroke. The liquid-cooled 1330cc Inline Triple puts out a claimed 115 hp at 7250 rpm and 96 lb-ft of torque at 5000 rpm. According to company reps the more touring friendly mill puts out 40% more low-end torque. Can-Am lowered the idle speed to 900 rpm on the 2014 Spyder RT while cruising rpm has reportedly dropped from 4700 rpm to 3000 rpm. The Rotax 1330 ACE has been designed to meet strict CO emission standards and is Euro IV compliant, the move also allowing them to expand into more markets like Japan.

The other big storyline for the 2014 Can-Am Spyder RT is the addition of a new six-speed gearbox with electronic clutch control.

“We didn’t just add a gear, we designed a new transmission,” said Can-Am reps during the new model’s introduction.

The new six-speed transmission comes in two forms, manual and semi-automatic, and includes a reverse gear, which is a good thing considering the 2014 Spyder RT tips the scales at a claimed dry weight of 1012 pounds – the new engine and tranny adding approximately 60 pounds. The new Spyder RT transmission was designed to operate

Foremost among the revisions to the 2014 Spyder RT is its new Rotax Inline Triple ACE engine.
Foremost among the revisions to the 2014 Spyder RT is its new Rotax 1330 Inline Triple ACE engine.
The 2014 Spyder RT features a redesigned front fascia for better airflow around the face and better aerodynamics.
The 2014 Spyder RT features a redesigned front fascia for better airflow around the face and better aerodynamics.
The other big news with the 14 Spyder RT is the addition of a new six-speed gearbox  available in both manual and semi-automatic forms.
The other big news with the ’14 Spyder RT is the addition of a new six-speed gearbox, available in both manual and semi-automatic forms.

smoother and quieter, its clutch force electronically generated by hydraulic control module. The semi-automatic version of the transmission continues to require no clutching or manual shifts and is available on all 2014 Spyder RT Roadster models.

Also new for the 2014 Roadster RT is an ECO mode smart assist that “coaches you when to shift.” It indicates where the vehicle’s shift points are to achieve maximum fuel efficiency. An indicator on the dash informs the driver to shift between first and second gears at 1800 rpm, from second to third at 1950 rpm, and from third on up at 2200 rpm. Besides helping riders get the best gas mileage, the RT’s range is said to be expanded to approximately 250 miles-per-tank, it also can be a useful tool for new owners still getting acquainted with the nuances of the Can-Am Roadster.

The new engine and transmission wrought plenty of other changes too, including reworking the chassis to accommodate the wider engine and beefing up the suspension with larger diameter SACHS shocks. Can-Am updated its cooling system, moving the radiators in front of the A-arms while doubling cooling capacity. The ’14 Spyder RT also has a reverse fan mode that blows hot air away from the rider to go along with its redesigned front fascia.

Other changes to the 2014 RT include doing away with the old magneto, replaced by a new 1200W alternator. It has a new touring saddle outfitted with integrated lumbar supports, the seat now available with an optional rider backrest. Its fuel cell has also been expanded to hold a couple liters more fuel.

Another selling point emphasized during the vehicle’s introduction is improved vehicle maintenance intervals, aimed to keep the 2014 Spyder RT “on the road, not in the garage.” According to Can-Am, its oil only needs to be changed every 9300 miles and valve adjustments are no longer needed.

Can-Am’s touring mount continues to have rider-friendly amenities like Dynamic Power Steering, electronic cruise control, an adjustable electric windshield, heated grips, and wind deflectors. It also features 41 gallons of storage between its topcase, saddlebags and front compartment.

The 2014 Can-Am Spyder RT is available in three packages, the Spyder RT, Spyder RT-S, and Spyder RT Limited, the differences delineated by features such as footboards, new fender design, push-button controls, adjustable rear suspension, GPS, LED lighting, exclusive wheels and colors. Prices range from the 2014 Spyder RT SM6 (manual transmission) at $22,999 to the premier 2014 Spyder RT Limited with the SE6 (semi-automatic transmission) for $30,499.

Added Features of the 2014 Spyder RT-S model include:
• RT-S front fenders with LED lighting
• Aluminum 12-spoke wheel with Carbon Black coloration finish for an exclusive look
• Selected Satin Chrome treated components
• Two-tone touring saddle
• Electronically adjustable rear air suspension with auto leveling
• Heated passenger grips with control
• Special-edition Carbon Black trim
• Fog lamps and LED running lights
• Push-button electronic front cargo release
• Front cargo light and front liner
• Secondary gauges (fuel information, engine temperature)
• Rider footboards

Additional features of the 2014 Spyder RT Limited include:
• Handlebar-mounted Garmin Zumo 660 color touchscreen GPS, integrated into vehicle electronics system
• RT Limited front fenders with LED lighting
• Aluminum 12-spoke chrome wheels
• Chrome accents: driver and passenger footboards
• Embroidered Spyder RT Limited seat
• Four semi-rigid travel bags for side, front and rear cargo compartments
• Exclusive colorations

The new Rotax ACE 1330cc Inline Triple puts out 40  more low-end torque according to the dyno chart provided by Can-Am.
The new Rotax ACE 1330cc Inline Triple puts out 40% more low-end torque according to the Can-Am dyno chart.
Michael Tissier  Lead Spyder Engineer  talks about the new engine and the changes to the Spyder RT chassis to accommodate the wider Inline Triple.
Michael Tissier, Lead Spyder Engineer, talks about the new engine and the changes to the Spyder RT chassis to accommodate the wider Inline Triple.

Can-Am also has a list of accessories available for owners to customize their Spyder Roadsters, like an Akrapovic Sport Touring 3C Silencer exhaust said to be 55% lighter than stock. There’s also a taller, wider Ultra Touring Windshield, a passenger backrest with improved lateral support, and the popular RT-622 trailer which adds an additional 164 gallons (622 liters) of storage.

2014 Can-Am Spyder ST
The 2014 Can-Am Spyder ST (Sport Touring) models now feature gas-charged Fox Podium Shocks on the front end across the line. The 2014 Spyder ST continues to be powered by a liquid-cooled 998cc Rotax V-Twin with electronic fuel injection and electronic throttle control. It also still utilizes the five-speed transmission from last year, in both manual and semi-automatic versions. Its side panels feature a new design aimed to increase air flow and improve heat management. The sport touring version of the Spyder comes with an adjustable windshield with wind deflectors, a sport touring seat, and adjustable passenger footboards.

The 2014 Spyder ST-S comes with new machined twin-blade six spoke Carbon Black Satin front wheels. Other differences between it and the 2014 ST are the addition of electronic cruise control, Carbon Black parts, a painted A-arm and front spoiler, and jazzed up front fenders with integrated LED lights.

The top-shelf 2014 Spyder ST Limited sees the addition of an audio system, Garmin Zumo 660 GPS, 12-spoke chrome front wheels and additional chrome trim, removable color-matched hard saddlebags, heated grips, an embroidered seat, 12-V power outlet and front cargo liner.

2014 Spyder RS
On the 2014 Spyder RS, Can-Am has changed up the Vehicle Stability System (VSS) settings so they are less intrusive to allow for faster cornering and better agility. The VSS has been developed in partnership with Bosch and includes integrated stability control, traction control and an anti-lock braking system. The RS Roadster has Brembo brake calipers on all three wheels, .25mm larger four-piston calipers up front paired to 20mm-larger discs. Like the 2014 ST, it gets new front bodywork. The 2014 Spyder RS sources the same Rotax 998cc V-Twin as last year, performance numbers claimed to be 100 hp @ 7500 rpm and 80 lb-ft of torque at 5000 rpm, mated to the five-speed transmission in manual and semi-automatic versions.

The 2014 Spyder RS-S sees the addition of the gas-charged Fox Podium shocks, adjustable for preload, and new twin-blade spoke front wheels in Carbon Black. Other upgrades include front fenders with integrated LEDs, electronic cruise control, a color digital gauge, two-tone paint, Carbon Black trim, a painted A-arm and front spoiler and a seat with contrast stitching. Can-Am lowered the price of the base model 2014 RS with the SM5 transmission by $1800 to $14,899 while the price of the 2014 RS-S, with its recalibrated VSS, has dropped $400 to $18,099.

Accessories include a sport fender for the rear section, the stylish addition retrofitable for prior models. There’s several different body panels available as well to change up its looks as well as a sharp-looking set of Blade Mag Wheels.