From Australia to Dakar Via Merzouga

September 12, 2013
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Garry Connel is preparing for the 2014 Dakar Rally by racing the Merzouga Rally in Morroco in a Polaris.
Garry Connel is preparing for the 2014 Dakar Rally by racing the Merzouga Rally in Morroco in a Polaris.

The Merzouga Rally is becoming year after year a fixed appointment in the racing calendar of professional rider and amateurs thanks to the great attention given to the route studied specifically for bikes/quads and ssv, well prepared road book to train the navigation and the safety which is an absolute priority. But Merzouga is also an excellent rally to test rider and machine in preparation of major rallies such as the Dakar.
This is the case of the Australian driver Garry Connel who is racing the Merzouga Rally in preparation of Dakar 2014.
With a 20-year experience in the cross country rally, Garry has always raced with bikes till 2012 when his moto rally team stopped and it was time for him to try 4 wheels and a new challenge …SSV/UTV…not a full auto but not a bike either! 
“We are the first ever Australian SSV/UTV team to enter Dakar and the ambition is to be the first to finish Dakar!”- comments Garry Connel.

“In Dakar 2014 we will race with team Xtreme Plus using a Dakar prepared SSV built by them and using their assistance backup”.

“2012 Merzouga rally was our first time racing rally in Africa and it was great, we learned a lot, had a great time and realised that to race Dakar in a SSV was possible!

“So for 2013 Merzouga Rally I come back to race SSV again, this time solo and to train some more for Dakar on the big dunes with the GPS navigation and French roadbook !!”

Driver profile
Name: Garry Connell
Nationality: Australian
Home: Perth Western Australia
Passion: cross country rally since last 20 years
Merzouga rally machine: Polaris 2013 RZR XP900 Rallye prepared by team Xtreme Plus
First navigation rallye: 2001 Australian Safari Alice Springs to Darwin 8 days, 4,500km
Moto rally racing ten years 2001-2011
Australian Safari rally x 8
Dakar rally x 4 – 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013
2011 Rally Albania
2011 Sardegna Rally Race
Condo 750 Rally x 4
Forest Rally x 3
Husaberg Rallye Racing Australia moto team owner & manager 2007-2012

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