H-D 9G Forecar Next for ‘Hogslayer’ Producer

September 4, 2013
Courtesy of The Edge Ltd.
Harley-Davidson 9G Forecar

The Edge Ltd., producer of Hogslayer: The Unapproachable Legend, the true-life story of the world famous dual-engine Norton dragster, announced it will produce a new motorcycle-related documentary, The Missing Link. This documentary is the story of the one-hundred year journey of a very unique motorcycle.

The Missing Link follows the history of a 1913 Harley-Davidson 9G Motorcycle Truck (more commonly known as a Forecar). “It’s very fortunate that the owner of this unique motorcycle had the foresight to document the history and restoration of this very rare motorcycle,” explained executive producer James Cutting. This 1913 Harley-Davidson 9G is the last known Harley-Davidson Forecar in existence. Years of research support this conclusion.

The Harley-Davidson 9G Forecar was the Motor Company’s first venture into the commercial service use of motorcycles. This 9G was one of the first produced in 1913. Only 63 “G” models were produced in 1913 and the model was discontinued after 1915; a total of 322 units were manufactured. “G” models were made to order with many configurations and options available. They sold for between $360 and $425 from 1913 through 1915.

This specific 9G Forecar was first in service as a delivery vehicle for a Milwaukee electrical component supplier, then bartered in unroadworthy condition to its current owner’s family in the 1920s. It spent the next 40+ years in a barn, only to be re-discovered in 1964. It spent the next 40+ years in a meticulous restoration process. Now in its centennial year, the Forecar is being offered for sale to a new caretaker. “It’s all part of a truly remarkable story,” states Cutting. “Another fine story of motorcycling lore that will now be documented for future generations.”

Having left Milwaukee over 85 years ago, this last remaining 1913 Harley-Davidson Forecar returned to Milwaukee for its centennial during the 110th celebration.

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