Icon 1000 Roughshod Pants Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | September 10, 2013
Roughshod to act in the way you want to, ignoring rules, traditions, or other people’s wishes.

This definition of “roughshod” provided by The Free Dictionary online seems most apropos for the Icon crew. The Portland-based company has a tendency to do things their own way, oblivious to conventions, oblivious to other businesses’ protocols, Icon doesn’t follow the book, it writes its own rules. Their swagger carries over into the gear they design. In its quest to run roughshod over its competition, Icon

Icon 1000 Roughshod Pants
The Icon 1000 Roughshod pants are made of supple yet durable Brazilian cowhide, have a straight leg cut, and best of all don’t look like typical leather riding pants.

started a high-end line of motorcycle gear called The Icon One Thousand Collection. Among this collection is the Icon 1000 Roughshod Pants.

The Roughshods are cut from the same high-quality leather as the Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket, 1.3mm-thick drum-dyed Brazilian cowhide. The black leather is soft to the touch but is thick, durable, and has been resistant to road debris kicked up by cars and wind. Sand and small rocks are not your friend at 75 mph. Fortunately, the Roughshods eliminate their sting with some serious cowhide.

The leather motorcycle pants have a straight leg cut and were immediately comfortable. A mesh inner liner provides a soft barrier between bare skin and leather. Sizes range from 28 – 40. We ordered the same size we wear in normal jeans and the waist matched up perfectly. The pants come in one length, “36-inches plus” according to Icon, allowing riders to cut them to the desired length. They drag the floor on me until I put on boots, then they sit right above the sole of my boots. Knowing that pants have a tendency to ride up when seated on a bike, I never cut mine down and the length is ideal for riding without dragging when I walk.

While the leather itself is plenty abrasion resistant, the Roughshods come with D3O knee armor as well. The armor is long so it covers the kneecap. The D30 knee pads reside in pockets sewn into the knees and are held in by a Velcro tab so they don’t slide around but are still easily removable. Much of the pants have double-stitching, like the back pockets, while the leg seams have been triple-stitched. After a couple months of wear, there’s not a loose stitch visible anywhere.

The pants button at the waist and utilize a YKK zipper for the fly. The “relaxed fit” cut makes them all-day comfortable seated on a bike, a fact confirmed on our recent ride out to Sturgis. It comes with four pockets and one small stash pocket, the two up front hand-deep while the rear pockets are a touch shallower.

One of the Icon Roughshod’s best features is they don’t look like leather pants. Unless you look closely, they look like regular jeans, which in our book is a good thing. As much as I like leather, the Village People ruined chaps for me long ago and I vowed never to look like the leather-clad biker in the group. Instead, the Roughshods are styled like an

2014 Indian Chieftain Icon 1000 Gear
The Icon 1000 Roughshod Pants are all-day comfortable, proven during our three-day journey to Sturgis this year.

attractive pair of jeans in plain black. The only clue that they’re an Icon product is the small Icon “I” metal badge sewn onto the label on the back of the pants and the Icon One Thousand patch sewn above the small mini-pocket in front.

I recently got drenched in a summer storm wearing the Roughshods. The pants kept me warm as temperatures dropped quickly and deflected the majority of rain from my skin. Once home I patted them down with a towel, hung them to dry, hit them with the leather conditioner Lexol a little bit later and they’re no worse for wear.

On my recent trip to Sturgis, several editors from other publications inquired about them. Many complimented how they looked and were keen on the fact that they didn’t look like typical leather motorcycle pants. I guess they don’t want to look like the Village People, either. Joking aside, these are some of the best leather riding pants on the market. Well-made, stylish, fortified, and the leather is top-notch. I’ve been wearing an Icon 1000 Chapter Jacket for a year-and-a-half and its leather has withstood the tests of time admirably, and I expect the Roughshods will do the same. At $450, they come at a premium price, but as the adage goes, you get what you pay for. Now everybody join in for a chorus of “Macho, Macho Man.”

Find the Icon 1000 Roughshod Pants at the Motorcycle Superstore – Sizes 28 – 40. Cost – $450 ($500 for size 40) 


MotorcycleUSA Staff