SuperSport New Jersey Race 2 Results 2013

September 15, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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RoadRace Factory’s Tomas Puerta took the win in the final AMA Pro SuperSport race of the year. Team 95’s Hayden Gillim finished in second-place ahead of National Guard’s Corey Alexander. Thanks to his finish, Alexander clinches the 2013 SuperSport East division title by a single point over Gillim.

The start of SuperSport Race 2 at New Jersey Motorsports Park was delayed slightly when two riders went down during the warm-up lap. Both were unharmed in the incident but officials were forced to reduce the race distance by one lap.

Once the race was underway, it was Alexander, Gillim, Puerta and’s Stefano Mesa in the lead pack, quickly breaking away from the rest of the field. With the East division title on the line, Alexander and Gillim pushed with everything they had, resulting in a thrilling race that saw the lead change hands on nearly every lap. The prime passing location proved to be on entry to Turn 1 as riders would draft down the start/finish straight and take an inside line to the front.

During the final laps, Alexander utilized the drafting move to slip from third to first past Puerta and Gillim. Puerta was quick to answer back, however, making a pass mid lap as riders approached the final rotation. The Colombian rider lost position to Alexander once again but Puerta fought back and regained the lead soon after. During the last lap Gillim set his sights on Alexander from third and made an aggressive move that pushed Alexander slightly wide, allowing Mesa to move from fourth to third through the final turns. Alexander pinned the throttle through the finish and regained the podium spot by 0.013 seconds ahead of Mesa, giving him enough to remain the points leader and take the title.

Mesa finished fourth ahead of CTR Racing’s Miles Thornton. Jon Block Group took sixth ahead of BP Racing’s Sebastiao Ferreira.

AMA Pro SuperSport New Jersey Race 2 Results 2013:
1. Tomas Puerta (Yamaha)
2. Hayden Gillim (Yamaha)
3. Corey Alexander (Suzuki)
4. Stefano Mesa (Yamaha)
5. Miles Thornton (Yamaha)
6. Wyatt Farris (Yamaha)
7. Sebastiao Ferreira (Yamaha)
8. Mark Miller Jr. (Yamaha)
9. Erick Sanchez (Yamaha)
10. Alex Shaw (Yamaha)
11. Charles Weaver (Yamaha)
12. Kaleb De Keyrel (Honda)
13. Frank Babuska (Suzuki)
14. Jeffrey Tigert (Yamaha)
15. Devon McDonough (Yamaha)

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