2013 ISDE Sardinia Final Results

October 7, 2013
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Antione Meo led among World Trophy riders and holds the top-spot in the overall classification over four days.
Antoine Meo piloted his KTM to the E3 and ISDE best overall individual time, as well as anchoring Team France en route to the World Trophy.
Antoine Meo has plenty to smile about  with the Frenchman piloting his KTM to the E3 and ISDE best overall individual time  as well as anchoring Team France en route to the World Trophy.

Team France claimed the World Trophy victory at the International Six Days Enduro in Sardinia. The American contingent marked one of its best-ever showings in the 88th running of the ISDE with a second-place result in the World Trophy standings. The Italian team claimed third.

The French squad cruised to victory backed by strong performances from E3 rider Antoine Meo, whose final time of 4:16:21.26 was best overall for the weeklong event. Fellow countrymen Pierre Alexandre Renet and Johnny Aubert took second and third in the E2 class, with Jeremy Joly second overall in the E1 division.

The American squad was comprised of enduro regulars Kurt Caselli, Thad Duvall, Charlie Mullins and Taylor Robert, along with veteran rider Mike Brown and 250 MX racer Zach Osbourne. The Kawasaki-mounted Robert proved fastest of the Americans, his 4:21:11.37 total within five minutes of the overall winner Meo.

Robert placed fifth overall in the E2 class, with Mullins the next fastest American overall and eighth-fastest in E2. Caselli placed ninth in the E2 rankings, but was fourth-best of the American World Trophy competitors as Mike Brown rode his KTM to third-fastest in the E3 division.

Osbourne marked his first ISDE with a Day 6 victory, en route to sixth overall in the E1 class. Fellow E1 teammate Thad Duvall was eighth in the class.

Junior World Trophy

Mike Brown on the gas at the 2013 ISDE in Sardinia. Brownie managed third overall in the E3 class, helping Team USA to a runner up spot in the World Trophy rankings.

France also excelled in the Junior World Trophy, with Mathias Bellino second only to World Trophy countryman Meo in the E3 standings. Italy moved to second in the final Junior rankings, followed by Great Britain and the United States.

Women’s World Trophy

France missed out on a clean sweep of the team trophies, with the French women claiming third in the Women’s World Trophy. Australia took top honors in the Women’s rankings, with Sweden in second. The American women placed at the bottom of the standings, behind Canada and Italy.

2013 ISDE World Trophy Results:
1. France, 21:46:39.09 
2. USA, 21:59:56.49 +13:17.40
3. Italy, 22:04:07,92 +17:28.83
4. Australia, 22:10:15.08 +23.35.99
5. Spain, 22:14:09.72 +27:30.63
6. Great Britain, 26:06:41.27 +1:20:02.18
7. Sweden, 23:19:08.79 +1:32:29.70
8. Argentina, 23:20:27.20 +1:52:48.11
9. Estonia, 23:40:07.58 +1:53:28.49
10. Austria, 23:49:55.56 +2:03:16.47

2013 ISDE Junior World Trophy Results:
1. France, 13:19:05.68
2. Italy, 13:25:41.92 +6:36.24
3. Great Britain, 13:29:00.77 +9:55.09
4. USA, 13:37:09.08 +18:03.40
5. Sweden, 13:39:56.43 +20:50.75
6. Australia, 13:43:56.26 +24:50.58
7. Chile, 13:56:17.95 +37:12.27
8. Czech Republic, 13:59:25.71 +40:20.03
9. Portugal, 14:01:42.93 +42:37.25
10. Poland, 14:12:59.85 +53:54.17
11. Finland, 14:17:17.29 +58:11.61
12. Canada, 14:40:15.78 +1:21:10.10
13. Belgium, 15:26:56.74 +2:07:51.06

2013 ISDE Women’s World Trophy Results:
1. Australia, 10:19:57.00
2. Sweden, 10:34:01.75 +14:04.75
3. France, 10:55:14.87 +35:17.87
4. Canada, 11:15:34.92 +55:37.92
5. Italy, 11:17:48.24 +57:51.24
6. USA, 11:31:16.78 +1:11:19.78

2013 ISDE E1 Results:
1. Cristobal Guerrero (Spain – KTM)
2. Jeremy Joly (France – Honda)
3. Lorenzo Santolino (Spain – Husqvarna)
4. Thomas Oldrati (Italy – Husaberg)
5. Giacomo Redondi (Italy – KTM)
6. Zach Osbourne (USA – Honda)
7. Rudy Moroni (Italy – KTM)
8. Thad Duvall (USA – Honda)
9. Simone Albergoni (Italy – Honda)
10. Luis Oliveira (Portugal – Yamaha)

2013 ISDE E2 Results:
1. Daniel Milner (Australia – Yamaha)
2. Pierre Renet (France – Husaberg)
3. Johnny Aubert (France – KTM)
4. Ivan Cervantes (Spain – KTM)
5. Taylor Robert (USA – Kawasaki)
6. Loic Larrieu (France – Husaberg)
7. Josh Strang (Australia – Suzuki)
8. Charlie Mullins (USA – KTM)
9. Kurt Caselli (USA – KTM)
10. Alex Salvini (Italy – Honda)

2013 ISDE E3 Results:
1. Antoine Meo (France – KTM)
2. Mathias Bellino (France – Husaberg)
3. Mike Brown (USA – KTM)
4. Chistopher Hollis (Australia – KTM)
5. Manuel Monni (Italy – KTM)
6. Deny Philappaerts (Italy – Beta)
7. Aigar Leok (Estonia – TM)
8. Fabien Planet (France – Sherco)
9. Oriol Mena (Spain – Husaberg)
10. Daniel McCanney (Great Britain – Gas-Gas)


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