2988 Riders Pay Tribute to Simoncelli

October 13, 2013
Courtesy of Brno Circuit
Almost three thousands riders participated in the Marco Simoncelli honor lap at the Brno Circuit on October 13th, beating the existing record by more than double. Czech riders were encouraged by a message sent to them from Valentino Rossi during MotoGP warm-up in Sepang to ride two laps and set a new record for the number of motorcycles riding on the track at a time.

Riders did two laps. The motorcade was so long that the end of convoy leaked into the head of it which was led by fresh Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup title holder Karel Hanika, Czech ManxGP winner Kamil Holan, STK1000 racer Ondrej Jezek and stuntman Josef Siler.

“The usual maximum capacity of the track was exceeded by more than fifty times,” says Ivana Ulmanova, Brno Circuit CEO. “I´d like to express my thanks to all riders who came. Lot of them must ride long distance, some of them were from abroad.”

The expected maximum number of riders was exceeded by 500.

“We made 2,500 memorial stickers to be stick to every arriving bike. But they were gone very early and we must use older version of stickers to be able to count all the bikes,” says Jiri Docekal, chief of Karel Abraham´s fanclub, who is co-organizer of the event.

Riders coming to the event were pleased by support expressed to them by Valentino Rossi during the Malaysian MotoGP round.