Maria Costello MBE Latest Member of CFM

October 22, 2013
Courtesy of Costello Racing
Maria Costello MBE joined 24 women racers at the recent FIM Women Road Racing Training Camp at Albacete.
Maria Costello MBE joined 24 women racers at the recent FIM Women Road Racing Training Camp at Albacete, Spain.

Maria Costello MBE, from Northamptonshire, has been appointed as the newest member of the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Women in Motorcycling Commission (CFM).

The FIM board of directors met last week and accepted her candidature, also approved by the Auto Cycle Union, making Maria the newest member of the commission, which aims to create egalitarian opportunities and to promote equal treatment for women involved in activities related to motorcycling.

Having promoted similar values personally, Maria was a natural choice for the role and will be responsible for providing expertise in the area of road racing: “I’m very honoured that the CFM has accepted me as a member. I’m very passionate about promoting women in motorcycling and ensuring that opportunities are made available on an equal footing. I’m looking forward to the role and hope that the commission will benefit from my road racing expertise and experience.” explained Costello.

Nita Korhonen, director of the CFM added: “The acceptance of Maria Costello MBE as a member is very good news for the CFM. We are really pleased to have such a great Road Racing ambassador to join our commission – Especially now when we are investing more into women´s Road Racing, it is crucial to have Maria´s experience and knowledge on board. I am sure with her help we are able to do a lot for the sport!”

Maria, the fourth new member to be accepted into the CFM this year, concluded: “We’ve come a long way in recent years in promoting equal treatment for women in motorcycling, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. I’m excited by the challenge of continuing the good work of the CFM and hope that many women, both now and in the future, will reap the benefits of the tremendous efforts made by the commission.”

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