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October 21, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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GIBBS Quadski

The GIBBS Sports Amphibians Quadski, “the world’s first personal sports amphibian” according to Gibbs product info, garnered lots of interest. With retractable wheels, a GIBBS proprietary water jet and single-piece molded composite hull, the Quadski is an ATV and jet-ski in one. Powered by a BMW K1300cc Inline-Four that pumps out a claimed 140 horsepower, the Quadski reaches 45 mph on land and water. On land it’s a rear-wheel drive five-speed with independent coil springs and hydraulic dampers and disc brakes. On the water the GIBBS’ patented jet unit gets the hefty machine up to planing speed in just a few seconds. All that technology comes in a package noticeably larger than an ATV or jet-ski on its own. It has claimed dry weight of 1180 pounds, is 10.5 feet long and 5.2 feet wide. Though official pricing will be revealed when the Quadski’s go on sale in November, expect to pay around $40,000.


With mounts like the Can-Am Spyder and trike kits becoming more and more popular in the States, Rewaco is looking to grab a piece of the American three-wheeler market. The German company was founded in 1990, produced its first trike by January 1991 and since then has been a continuous seller in Europe. There’s even a Rewaco Trike Cup held at Nurburgring where owners can tackle the “Green Hell” with one of these visually striking machines. For 2014 Rewaco is introducing three RF-1 model trikes to the US market: the RF-1 ST, the RF-1 LT (touring) and the RF-1 GT (performance).

The RF-1s are designed from the ground up as trikes so have some unique features to set them apart from converted two-wheelers. The trapezoidal fork and central spring were constructed to provide optimal suspension for the geometry of the trike, and the rear end is a dual A-arm unit with independent Blistein gas shocks. The RF-1s’ Inline-Four Ford Zetec engine is mounted near the middle of the machine to improve handling and every RF-1 comes with reverse gear. It carries 10.5 gallons of fuel and is estimated to get 38 miles per gallon.

The list of accessory choices buyers get to choose from to customize their machine is too long to include in full, but some highlights include plenty of color options, different style handlebars, wheels, light configurations, storage options, stereo systems, alarm systems and more. There’s loads of storage including a small trunk in back, side cases and optional luggage racks. The ST and LT can be built to seat two or three passengers as well.

As you might expect, one of these babies is going to cost you. The most modestly priced model coming to the states, the RF-1 ST, starts at $34,977. The LT is most expensive and has a base price of 40-grand.

Units purpose-built freestyle motocross bike is made almost entirely of carbon fiber and titanium.
Parker Brothers Concepts had a number of bikes on display during the consumer portion of the AIMExpo.
(Above) Unit’s purpose-built freestyle motocross bike is made almost entirely of carbon fiber and titanium. (Below) Parker Brothers Concepts had a number of bikes on display during the consumer portion of the AIMExpo.

Unit Skycraft

Unit, an action sports apparel company, revealed a concept freestyle motocross bike at the Expo dubbed “Skycraft.” The concept was developed by Unit co-founder Ian Everest and was constructed through collaboration with Triple Eight Race Engineering. The prototype bike is designed as a purpose-built freestyler and is built around a heavy duty carbon fiber monocoque frame which also contains the fuel cell. The exhaust and silencer were designed into the carbon fiber swingarm. In an effort to maximize weight reduction, the bike is almost entirely carbon fiber and titanium and weighs in at 165 pounds. There’s also integrated grab handles in the tail section and a forked seat to maximize the machine’s freestyle potential. As yet there’s no production schedule in place for the machine, but Unit is going to put the machine in the hands of some of the world’s best freestyle riders soon to give the bike a proper test.

Parker Brothers Concepts

Parker Brothers Concepts had some of their creations on display once consumers were given access to the show floor. A replica Batpod and motorcycles resembling those in the movie “Tron” were particularly cool to see.

AIMExpo Outdoors 2013
In addition to the events inside, AIMExpo also provided attendees the chance to test ride motorcycles and scooters from Yamaha, Suzuki and Kymco. There was an off-road course too, and riders got to choose from off-road ATVs and side-by-sides from Suzuki, Kymco, Massimo and Yamaha. On Friday Empire Freestyle’s Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha put on stunt riding shows for fans as well.

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