Possible Honda CTX1300 Spied Testing

October 21, 2013
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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It looks like yet another all-new motorcycle will be joining the Honda lineup for 2014. Spy photos captured over the weekend by Chris Doane Automotive are billed as the 2014 CTX1300 – a bike which blends styling elements from Honda’s CTX700 models and the V-Four powerplant of its erstwhile ST1300 sport-tourer.


The new model clearly sports the CTX badging, right below the upper fairing. In profile, the fairing shape looks strikingly similar to the CTX700, but viewed from the front the ST1300’s influence is obvious too – with the upper fairing incorporating the turn signals and mirrors (the CTX700s source conventional mirror stalks on the handlebar).

The ST1300’s bottom fairing covers what is the most noticeable feature on this new CTX – its transverse-mounted V-Four. The forward-curving header pipes, only hinted at under the ST’s bodywork, are a striking feature on this CTX model. If it is, in fact, the ST1300 powerplant – the V-Four displaces 1261cc via 78mm bore and 66mm stroke. The last time MotoUSA recorded dyno results, in 2008, the ST1300 belted out 109.3 horsepower and 83.6 lb-ft of torque.


The V-Four’s 1261cc displacement falls almost exactly in between the CTX700’s 670cc Parallel Twin and Gold Wing F6B’s 1832cc Flat Six, indicating the new CTX’s proposed niche in Honda’s cruiser-ish lineup. The photo models, including pillion, are also sporting black leather and open-face helmets, the spy pics having been gathered during a promotional shoot for Honda – which is why the new CTX is seen completely uncamouflaged.

The new CTX sports a shaft drive that appears identical to the ST1300. Further details glommed from the pics include an inverted fork up front, along with dual-disc front brakes sourcing Nissin calipers.

Riding position is upright, with mid-mounted foot controls and swept-back handlebar – similar to the 700 model. The two-tiered seat accommodates a pillion.

Hand controls show a clutch lever being utilized, but it would be surprising if Honda didn’t carryover its proprietary Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) as an option – the DCT having been featured on the NC and CTX700 models, as well as larger sport-touring rigs like the VFR1200. Another interesting detail revealed in the spy shots are integrated speakers in the dash, similar to the F6B.

Expect official word soon on Honda’s latest model as the 2014 model lineups fill out with the European bike shows in November.


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