Red Bull A Day in the Dirt 16 Returns

October 25, 2013
Adam Waheed
By Adam Waheed
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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and for dirt bike racers that means only one thing: Red Bull A Day in the Dirt. This November, the wildest two-wheeled party on the west coast returns to Southern California’s motocross-riding Mecca, Glen Helen Raceway.

The three-day event kicks off on Friday with the Troy Lee Happy Hour practice. The three-hour long session serves as a warm-up and helps you acclimate to the nuances of the ultra-long grand prix-style circuit that incorporates the AMA national-caliber main track, along with the smaller REM Saturday Motocross track, and Glen Helen’s network of single track and off-road trails. Afterward, the first competition of the event kicks off with the SoCal Reunion Race—a tribute to any racers who competed at Saddleback, Carlsbad or Indian Dunes. Before the sunsets, there is a final 30-minute practice session for pros and racing legends in an effort to show the rest of us mortals “how it’s done.”

The meat of the competition begins early Saturday morning with clouds of blue-tinged smoke filling the air from vintage oil-burners followed by a host of other motos, including a Mini Grand Prix—just for kids and a Women’s-only grand prix. Fresh for this year is the Bossa Nova Grand Prix 3 Man Team Race. As the name implies teams of three men (and/or women of course!) compete together at the same time with their individual finishing positions combined which determines a winner.

It’s another non-stop day of fun and racing Sunday. Highlights include the Wild Child and Moto-a-GoGo team races followed by the toughest race of the weekend, the Coup De Grace survival race. This final race tests man and machine by forcing them to compete for an undetermined time… until the checkered flag is thrown. The race could be over in as early as 90 minutes or it could go on for over two hours… you never know what’s going to happen.

In order to get the maximum Red Bull A Day in the Dirt experience camping is recommended, but the gates are open late in the evening if you prefer going home or staying in a nearby hotel. For more information, visit the Red Bull A Day in the Dirt 16 website or click here to register for the races. See you there!

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