Sena Debuts New Products at AIMExpo 2013

October 17, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Sena Technologies was on hand at the 2013 AIMExpo to debut its newest communication devices for 2014. The primary focus is on its new 20S which incorporates many of the features that users have come to expect from Sena such as the jog dial, cell phone activation button and intercom system, but incorporates a number of updates to make it more versatile and user friendly.

Among the innovations is voice command activation, which Sena says will allow riders to contact other riders in the group or make hands-free calls from a Bluetooth cell phone. There’s now a built-in port for ear buds and a port on the backside to allow for connection of devices such as an iPod. It claims a 1.5 mile range and comes with an antenna to help achieve that distance. Reps at Sena’s display were confident that the 20S will support communication between at least five riders, but suggest that that number may be as high as eight. A firm number will be available once the final stages of development testing are complete. It also comes with an Audio Multitasking feature which helps to seamlessly blend incoming and outgoing audio and is noticeably more compact that previous models.

The 20S is also “downward compatible,” which means it will pair up with all Sena’s previous models without issue. Features which have appeared on previous models, such as FM radio capability and Universal Intercom functionality (which allows the system to pair with other brands of communication systems) are also included in the 20S.

Sena also introduced a new Bluetooth Action Camera which will film 1080p HD and operate via Bluetooth-based remote or voice command. The company is still developing a quick release mounting system which will allow riders to choose a variety places to mount the camera as well as an LCD display that will attach to the camera. Prices for the 20S and Action Camera are yet to be determined, though both are slated to be available for order by late 2013 and delivery in early 2014.

Other new products include the Sena Expand, which is a long-range Bluetooth intercom designed for activities that don’t require helmets. The Expand will allow users to make hand-free calls from their cell phone, listen to music or GPS instructions and have intercom capabilities with up to four other units. MSRP for the Expand is $189 dollars and the unit will be available December 2013.

The Sena Bluetooth Pack for GoPro will attach to GoPro Hero3 devices to create Bluetooth capability while recording. The device also connects to non-Sena Bluetooth products to allow for recording of audio while taking video. It will receive up to four microphone inputs and has a conference intercom feature as well. The Bluetooth Pack for GoPro is listed at $99 dollars and will be available November 2013.

Finally, there’s the Sena Bluetooth Mic & Intercom which will give users the ability to make intercom calls and will function as a microphone for the Action Camera or Pack for GoPro. The Mic & Inctercom allows for four-way intercom conference, responds to voice prompts and is priced at $149 dollars.

“Sena is always working to expand and grow with new designs and technologies to ensure the consumer’s needs are met. The new products being launched not only contain these new designs and technology but reach a market Sena Bluetooth has not ventured into, the action camera industry,” said Tae Kim, President and CEO, Sena Technologies Inc. “Along with the current Sena Bluetooth products, a new action camera will change the user experience dramatically by adding the ability to visually record their adventures. Sena has brought to market more innovative products in a short period of time than any other company in the industry and the all-new products are sure to impress and provide everything riders and adventures are looking for today.”