Shorai Teams with EBR on the 1190RX

October 18, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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The new Shorai LFX 19A4 is said to be lighter, stronger and have a longer lifespan than its predecessors.

Shorai Inc. released its new LFX19A4 high performance lithium battery during the 2013 AIMExpo, as well as announce a partnership with Erik Buell Racing to provide batteries for the all-new EBR 1190RX.

“We worked with Buell to specifically develop this battery,” said James McCormick, President and CEO of Shorai. “The height, characteristics, power density, all of it – we worked with their engineers to know exactly what to create. We’re very proud of that relationship because it’s the first time a lithium battery has been selected in an OEM application. We think it’s just the beginning of the adoption by other, larger OEMs of lithium battery technology.”

According to McCormick, the new battery will come in six case sizes and be able to fit into nearly 90% of vehicles manufactured since 1970. It’s claimed to have a shelf-life of up to a year and maintain optimal performance capabilities with minimal riding. Shorai does sell a proprietary charger that helps ensure the four prismatic cells are balanced evenly if a charge is necessary, but the brand promises a typical trickle charger will work as well in instances when a machine has to sit for extended periods.

The lightweight battery claims to offer better cranking performance and deliver more power under heavy use, which will come in handy on the new 185 horsepower 1190RX.

“With their lithium iron cell technology, Shorai LFX batteries offer industry-leading advantages over traditional lead acid batteries with 20% faster starting performance and 80% lighter carrying weight. The ability for Shorai LFX batteries to come in a variety of case shapes and sizes, capacity and polarity options allowed EBR to design the 1190RX without limits placed on battery specifications,” said Erik Buell, founder of Erik Buell Racing. “We are delighted to officially announce our partnership with the debut of our first street legal sport bike.”

The 2014 EBR 1190RX utilizes an LED headlamp boasting 2000 lumens  the maximum legal limit.
EBR teamed with Shorai in developing a battery that would handle the performance needs of the new 1190RX.

McCormick also highlighted the safety of the new batteries, saying “With other lithium ion technologies, there can be thermal run-away issues. We developed the batteries with balancing boards and other things to make this the most safe, reliable battery on the planet.”

Shorai is is working to develop recycling options for users that are done with the battery, although the Shorai LFX19A4 is safe enough to throw away after it’s completely discharged (depending on local regulations).

“To us it’s unacceptable to say we’re a green product, no lead, no acid, environmentally friendly and just throw it away,” explained McCormick. “So we’ve been working on a recycling program for one year. But there’s a very low amount of recoverable value out of these batteries. Finding the right recycling partner, or someone who will even deal with it, has been our biggest challenge.”

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