Suzuki Concepts: Recursion and Extrigger

October 29, 2013

By Byron Wilson

Suzuki has announced two concept motorcycles set for display during the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show; the Recursion and the EXTRIGGER.

Described as “a compact roadster” that’s “packed into a middle-class motorcycle,” the Recursion has the look of a high-end sportsbike but is built around a 588cc water-cooled Inline two-cylinder engine. The press release goes on to state that the Recursion’s engine comes with an intercooler turbo to help provide more kick.

The EXTRIGGER is an “electric mini motorcycle” that looks remarkably similar to the recently released Honda Grom. The EXTRIGGER has an electric motor sourced from the e-Let scooter that is housed inside an aluminum frame. The mini-bike also comes with an inverted front fork as well as front and rear disc brakes.