2014 Vespa Primavera First Look

November 7, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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The 2014 Vespa Primavera adopts the air-cooled  three-valve Single utilized in previous LX models.
The 2014 Vespa Primavera adopts the air-cooled, three-valve Single utilized in previous LX models.

Though the 2014 Vespa Primavera draws stylistic inspiration from the marque’s iconic 1960’s-era model, it’s no antique. The 125/150cc versions of the Primavera source the air-cooled, three-valve Single utilized in previous LX models. The powerplant is said to reduce vibration and enhance fuel efficiency, as well as provide improved torque and acceleration response compared to previous four-stroke engines used by the brand.

The 2014 Primavera receives updated electronic fuel injection and CVT transmission systems which company press asserts were created “specifically for this latest Vespa model.” The automatic dry centrifugal clutch with vibration dampers transfers from the LX to the Primavera, as do the coil-spring, dual-action monoshock front suspension and preload adjustable rear coil spring.

Slight dimension changes and design updates set the Primavera apart from the LX. Seat height is lowered and the footrest has been narrowed, allowing “riders of any height to easily rest their feet on the ground.” The tail section is more tapered and pointed, a direct reference to the first Vespa prototype “that inspired the name ‘Vespa’ because of its similarity to a wasp.” The seat is updated to provide a more comfortable ride and the battery was repositioned to increase helmet compartment capacity.

A two-stroke 50cc and four-stroke 50cc version of the Primavera will be available as well. Color options include MonteBianco White, Blue Midnight, Dragon Red, Crete Senesi Brown, MareChiaro Light Blue and Vulcan Black. MSRP is yet to be announced.