2014 Yamaha Tricity Scooter Concept First Look

November 12, 2013
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Yamaha revealed a new three-wheeled scooter concept at the 2013 EICMA show in Milan. The prototype model sports two wheels in front and leans, similar to Piaggio’s MP3 design. Billed as a concept bike, Yamaha states its new urban commuter platform will be available in 2014.


The Tricity is powered by a liquid-cooled 124cc engine. The configuration of the fuel-injected mill is not listed, but it will presumably be a variation of the 125cc Single powering Yamaha’s current scooter lineup. A CVT transmission transfers power to the rear.

No details are listed for the front suspension and leaning apparatus, but two lower fork legs emerge from each front wheel. An upper fork leg appears to pivot and provide the lean angle. Brake rotors are mounted on the interior of the wheel, like a car. A single disc brake is mounted on the rear wheel.

Claimed weight is “approximately” 330 pounds. Yamaha also lists the concept model’s dimensions: length 75 inches, width 28.9 inches and height 47.8 inches. Those weight and dimensions are hailed as more compact than “other three-wheelers” – namely Piaggio’s MP3, which also sports a 125 capacity.

Yamaha says of its new leaning scooter that it “expects it to be the perfect inner-city commuter for many people and a great mobility solution in the typical European metropolitan traffic conditions.”


The Yamaha Europe website elaborates further on the Tricity concept and its place in the scooter-mad European market. Designer Hirotoshi Noguchi says of the Tricity, ““It is a high-quality design developed for the European customer’s sense of style. We wanted to create a smart and refined design that is different from others. And above all, to express how easy to ride this vehicle is.”

As for production plans, the EICMA announcement said the Tricity will be available in 2014. The Yamaha Europe site says of the new mount: “Currently a prototype concept model, Yamaha is investigating mass production of this type of vehicle – which might well become a range of models over time!”

No word yet on pricing, or whether the Tricity might find its way across the Atlantic for US commuters.