Cycle Ranch Official USA Championship Camp

November 21, 2013
Courtesy of Cycle Ranch MX Park
Trainers Kyle Keylon and Tyler Livesay will be holding a 4 day camp to get all riders ready and prepped for the USA Championship.
Trainers Kyle Keylon and Tyler Livesay (shown) will be holding a 4 day camp to get all riders ready and prepped for the USA Championship.

Cycle Ranch will be hosting boot camps for riders all ages and all riding ability with pro riders Kyle Keylon and Tyler Livesay. During these camps, we will be furthering your knowledge and ability with riding and racing. We will strive to make sure you are ready for these big races coming up. There will be 3 hours a day of riding and training.
We would like to invite all riders of any age and skill levels to our camp. Our goal is to ensure each rider gains confidence and notices improvements within themselves by the end of the camp. Cycle Ranch’s trainers will be Pro riders Kyle Keylon and Tyler Livesay, they are your personal assets to improve your riding ability.

Kyle is recently retired from the AMA pro racing. He was one of the top amateurs in the United State and can boast finishing in the top 10 at many professional races. He has been coached by Ricky Carmichael’s mother, Jeannie Carmichael. Kyle trained a long side with many professionals such as Chad Reed, Josh Grant, Kyle Chisholm, Tim Ferry, and Malcolm Stewart. Kyle looks forward to help riders advance from amateur to the pro level. “After training for many years with some of the top pros in the country, I have learned many different ways of training. It is something that I really enjoy doing and I hope to make other riders succeed in ways that I did over the years. Come out to Cycle Ranch and let’s have some fun!” –Kyle Keylon

Tyler Livesay has held his pro card for five years as well. He has taught riders since 2006. Tyler has qualified for several nationals and continues to race competitively. He has also trained with several top pros such as James Stewart and Tim Ferry. Tyler Livesay and Kyle Keylon specialize in training all age and skill levels. “I’ve been through many schools in my day from Ronnie Tichenor to James Stewart to Randy Yoho and many more, and never have I seen the progress that we’ve been able to produce out here at Cycle Ranch. We take a slightly different approach and have established our own training tools to ensure results!” –Tyler Livesay

4 day camp before USA Championship – November 23-26th
*You have the option of just doing a 2 days of the 4 day camp for $300 each or you can do the 4 day camp for a discounted price of $500. $175 per day for late entry drop in.
For more info contact: or or call 855.571.6686 Ext. 80 or 554