Team Green Starts 2013 Thor Winter Olympics

November 27, 2013
Courtesy of Monster Energy Kawasaki
The start of the 42nd Thor Winter Olympics from Gatorback Cyclepark in Gainesville, Fla., was put on hold Tuesday as the supercross main events were postponed for the day due to weather conditions. Practice and qualifying began on Monday where Kawasaki Team Green took seven heat race wins and qualified 11 riders into the main events. One of Team Green’s newest riders Mitchell Harrison put on a fantastic showing in his Team Green debut by winning both his Schoolboy 2 and 250 B division races. On the new 2014 KX™85, Lance Kobusch also won his two divisions in the 85 9-11 classes and hopes to keep that streak alive as the main events begin tomorrow.

The skies opened up Tuesday morning and while the promoters tried to run a few races, it was decided that the track was unsafe in the muddy conditions and that racing would resume Wednesday. With no racing going on, the day was filled with tons of bench racing. Team Green technicians were on hand all day to assist with any last minute issues as riders prepared for the possibility of muddy main events. Tricks such as packing foam in areas where mud could collect, attaching additional mesh to the radiators and mounting hand guards are some of the more common tips for mud races.

Team Green Sponsor Corner
With the changing track conditions, Dunlop Tires were on with a full fleet of trackside support technicians to assure riders get the best traction. With the muddy conditions on Wednesday many riders might opt to go with the soft terrain MX31 while others may stick with the intermediate MX51. Both are available at trackside pricing all week long for all racers.