2013 Motorcycle Gift Guide: Gloves

December 7, 2013
By Motorcycle USA Staff
Why not surprise that special motorcyclist in your life with a new set of riding gloves this holiday season? From the economical to the technologically advanced, Motorcycle USA has come across some great gloves this year. Check out some of the gloves we’d like to unwrap this year in the 2013 Motorcycle Gift Guide to Gloves. For even more holiday gift ideas, check out our full roster of Motorcycle Gift Guides here.

ICON 1000 Turnbuckle Glove

Icon Turnbuckle Gloves
Icon 1000 Turnbuckle Glove.

I’ve sourced the versatile Icon 1000 Turnbuckle Glove for everything from high-performance sportbike riding to off-road adventure-touring this past year. The Turnbuckle is light and comfortable, with nylon sidewalls of the fingers and ample perforated panels providing loads of cooling ventilation. And while there’s not a ton of impact protection visible, the Turnbuckle packs some hidden protective power with D30 armor integrated into the main knuckle area. Our only complaint comfort-wise is the Velcro wrist closure, which could use another quarter-inch to cinch down more securely. But that’s really splitting hairs, as the Turnbuckle has proved a solid warm weather glove. – Bart Madson

MSRP: $90.00
Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves

Knox Handroid gloves
Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves.

Apart from making great use of sci-fi sounding words, the Knox Handroid Hand Armor Gloves offer superior protection with features found on few other gloves currently available. The Handroid features exoskeleton finger and knuckle spines that extend down the backside of each of the digits, providing optimal protection while retaining full range of movement. The exoskeleton is linked to a gel-lined Knox metapod protector that adds additional protection to the back of the hand. The gauntlet-style gloves secure in place with the Knox Boa lacing system, which allows for tightening and loosening with a single dial. The wrist tightens from all sides and acts as an external brace when secured in place. To release, simply pull the dial. Inside the palm is the Sport Scaphoid Protection System which includes plastic sliders on points where the palm would contact the asphalt in the event of a crash. The palm is also constructed of tear-resistant Kangaroo leather.

MSRP: $249.95 
Dainese Scout EVO Gore-Tex Gloves

Dainese Scout Gloves
Dainese Scout EVO Gore-Tex Gloves.

Aside from a properly-fitted helmet there is nothing I like more than a cozy set of gloves. And those who extend the riding season into the fall and winter months will adore Dainese’s Scout glove. This glove is heavily insulated and waterproof, allowing your hands to be warm and comfortable in chilly temperatures. Due to the thick insulation there the gloves offer slightly less dexterity than a simpler leather summer design. The palms, knuckles and finger joints are all reinforced in the event of an accident and the Scout uses a simple and highly effective elastic Velcro strap to secure them to your hands. The gloves fit a little tight so it might be a good idea to go up one size than what you normally wear. – Adam Waheed

MSRP: $159.95 

Speed and Strength Seven Sins Leather Gloves

Speed and Strength Gloves
Speed and Strength Seven Sins Leather Gloves.

For a race-inspired street glove with high-quality protective elements, the Speed and Strength Seven Sins Leather Gloves are an affordable choice. Built of perforated leather, the Seven Sins Gloves have reinforcements on the knuckles and palm as well to protect vulnerable areas in the event of a crash. The hard plastic knuckle guards are vented to allow for optimal airflow and additional plastic pucks are built into the backs of each of the digits. Additional reinforcements have been included on the outside of the hand as well and there’s also a thermoplastic palm slider as well. The Seven Sins Leather Gloves are pre-curved to allow for all-day ride comfort.

MSRP: $89.95 

Rev’It Sand Pro Gloves

RevIt Sand Pro Gloves
Rev’It Sand Pro Gloves.

The Rev’It Sand Pro Gloves are light, airy and well ventilated for summer touring. The Sand Pros incorporate leather, mesh and polyurethane materials to create a versatile glove that packages a lot of protection in a flexible and comfortable package. The palm is made of goatskin and is reinforced in high-use areas and there’s also a rubber and Temperfoam area at the base of the palm for added protection in the event of a crash. On the outside of the glove is a polyurethane coated rubber flex knuckle that provides abrasion and impact resistance while still allowing for maximum airflow through the air-stretch mesh material underneath. The Sand Pros come in a number of different color options and go up to 4XL in size.

MSRP: $119.99 

Icon Pursuit Perforated Gloves

Icon pursuit perforated glove
Icon Pursuit Perforated Gloves.

The Icon Pursuit Perforated Gloves employ sheepskin leather and integrated knuckle armor to protect your digits in a crash. The goatskin leather palm adds dimension to the gloves’ grip as well as to lend added abrasion resistance. Extensive perforation allows air to flow freely through, making these a great choice for warm weather rides. Icon also offers a non-perforated version, the Pursuit Stealth Gloves, for cooler conditions. The Icon Pursuit gloves are a great choice for the rider looking for a low-profile but well-built and protective glove. Sizes range from S to 3XL and there are a number of different color options available.

MSRP: $75.00 

Roland Sands Design Barfly Glove

RSD Barfly Gloves
Roland Sands Design Barfly Gloves.

Roland Sands Design infuses plenty of style into its simple leather Barfly Gloves. Constructed of supple top-grain cowhide, the comfort level rates high as the perforated leather allows plenty of airflow while the pre-curved design and knuckle flex points allow for all-day riding with no issue. The Barfly offers some additional padding on the back of the hand but other than that the gloves provide minimal impact protection. Like the knuckle area, the palm has been reinforced and padded as well for some extra protection and a large Velcro strap at the wrist holds the Barfly in place.

MSRP: $70.00 

Spidi Carbo Track Gloves

Spidi Carbo Gloves
Spidi Carbo Track Gloves.

For serious protection on track, look no further than the Spidi Carbo Track Gloves. Designed in conjunction with MotoGP racers, the Carbos utilize carbon fiber on the knuckles, fingers and wrist for lightweight and durable protection. There is steel netting on the palm and little finger for optimal abrasion resistance and Keramide is utilized on the back of the glove and in the palm for further strength. Beneath each of the rigid impact protectors is shock absorbing fabric like Suprotech to further improve the safety level of the Carbos. The chassis of the Carbo Track Gloves is cow hide leather treated with aniline tanning and microfiber zones are incorporated on the palm to ensure superior grip.

MSRP: $299.95 

Cortech Scarab Winter Gloves

Cortech Winter Gloves
Cortech Scarab Winter Gloves.

When the mercury drops it’s time to break out the winter gear and a good set of warm gloves is vital to enjoying a ride in the cold. The Cortech Scarab Winter Gloves offer a superb blend of weatherproofing, comfort and protection for under $100. Features of the Scarab Winter Gloves include aniline drum-dyed goatskin on the palm with abrasion resistant titanium/carbon panels. Heat is held in by 3M Thinsulate 100gm insulation and molded titanium/carbon knuckle, finger and wrist protection panels help keep you safe in the event of an off. The large gauntlet style gloves are pre-curved to further enhance comfort while riding and soft brushed fleece interior linings adds a bit of luxuriousness.

MSRP: $94.99 



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