2013 Motorcycle Gift Guide: Tools

December 10, 2013
By Motorcycle USA Staff
Having the right tool for the job makes working on a motorcycle a gratifying pastime, and Motorcycle USA has come across quite a few pieces that make wrenching a joy. Check out some of our favorite items for the garage in the 2013 Motorcycle Gift Guide to Tools and see even more gift ideas in the full list of gift guides here.

ASV Solo Sag Tool

Sag Scale
ASV Solo Sag Tool.

Dialing-in the optimum suspension sag is the most critical suspension adjustment you can make to your motocross bike before riding. Huntington Beach, California-based ASV Inventions makes it easy with its Solo Sag tool. The tool attaches to the rear fender and axle making it easy to calculate the shock’s sweet spot anywhere, without the help of friends. After mounting the tool, lift the motorcycle off its stand onto flat ground and hop into the seat. Move the red slider down until it bottoms out and voila. Lift the bike back onto its stand and the sag (in millimeters) is listed. From there you can adjust the shock’s preload more or less until you are in the correct range. – Adam Waheed

MSRP: $125.00 

Matrix floor mats
Matrix Concepts M9 Worx Mat.

Matrix Concepts M9 Worx Mat
For the past couple of years we have put a fleet of Matrix Concepts M9 Worx Mats through the ringer. We’ve used them in the shop, in the desert, at the motocross track and in the roadrace paddock. We take them just about everywhere as they provide a clean surface to work on your bike when needed. The mat is available in a variety of colors to match your bike and the PVC material is fade-resistant. They are thick enough to provide a soft landing for dropped parts but thin enough to be rolled up for easy transport. When you do forget to pack the Worx Mats, you’ll miss them. – Justin Dawes

MSRP: $109.95

accu gauge
Accugage with Hose.

Accugage with Hose
Tire pressure is an important aspect of your bike to have dialed-in, whether for a day in the dirt, some laps at the track or merely taking a day ride through the hills. An accurate and easy-to-use pressure gauge is a vital tool to have in your kit to ensure you’ll get there and back without issue. The Accugage with Hose is a stop hand pressure reading tool that comes with a push-button valve that allows you to bleed off excessive pressure. The quarter-inch hose is flexible and the dial reads in one-pound increments from the 0-60 psi range.

MSRP: $21.99-$24.99 

Go Cruise Universal Throttle Lock

Go Cruise Throttle Lock
Go Cruise Universal Throttle Lock.

Ride-by-wire systems have made cruise control available now on high-end motorcycles, but for the rank and file out there freeway droning is still a tedious affair for the throttle hand. The Go Cruise Universal Throttle Lock is a simple mechanical solution. The sturdy aluminum-alloy lock is secured to the throttle by an adjustable tension gear. After reaching the desired cruising speed, riders simply press it down with their index finger until the lock rests against the brake lever. The tension gear applies enough force to hold the throttle in position but is pliant enough to disengage by manually rolling off the throttle. The throttle lock is intuitive to work and takes mere seconds to install. I’ve used it to great effect during long freeway stints. – Bart Madson

MSRP: $30.95 (black aluminum), $35.95 (chrome aluminum)

cruz tool kit
CruzTOOLS RoadTech H3 Tool Kit.

CruzTOOLS RoadTech H3 Tool Kit
The CruzTOOLS RoadTech H3 Tool Kit includes many of the pieces you’ll need to perform routine maintenance and road-side fixes in a compact roll-up polyester pouch. Weighing three-and-a-half pounds, the H3 comes with combination wrenches, an adjustable wrench, a socket set, key sets, a 6-in-1 screwdriver, spark plug gap gauge, locking pliers, electrical tape, cable ties, mechanics wire and threadlocker among other items. Roll it into your luggage on a long trip or keep it splayed out on the table in your garage for quick, easy access to essential tools when you’re wrenching.

MSRP: $109.99 

bikemaster magnetic tray
Bikemaster Magnetic Tray.

Bikemaster Magnetic Tray
The last thing you want when working on a motorcycle is to lose track of the nuts, bolts, washers and other small parts essential for getting things put back together. Solve the problem once and for all with the Bikemaster Magnetic Tray. It’s a perfect place to drop all those little pieces when you’re in the wrenching zone and offers the peace of mind that all will be there when it’s time to reassemble.

MSRP: $12.95

Motion Pro Assorted Tire Iron Set

motion pro tire irons
Motion Pro Assorted Tire Iron Set.

If you ride off-road often you’ve likely already dealt with or will soon have to address a flat tire. Having the right tool for a tube swap makes the process a whole lot easier and the Motion Pro Assorted Tire Iron Set has you covered. There are three irons included in the set, an 8 1/2-inch that can easily be fit into your off-road pack, an 11- and a 16-incher as well. With the Set you can make sure there’s a tire iron every place you might need one, whether in the garage or out in the hills.

MSRP: $24.95