2013 Touring Motorcycle Gift Guide

December 9, 2013
By Motorcycle USA Staff
Long, multi-day rides often benefit from some special gear so a rider can be ready for whatever comes their way. Whether it’s navigation devices, lightweight luggage or rain gear Motorcycle USA has some great ideas for touring gifts this holiday season in the 2013 Touring Gift Guide. For even more motorcycle inspired gifts, check out the full list of holiday gift guides here.

Giant Loop Bags
Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebags.

Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebags
Add lightweight, easy-to-install carrying capacity with the Giant Loop Great Basin Saddlebags. Constructed of military-grade materials in the U.S.A., the Great Basin Saddlebags carry up to 60 liters of gear and attach to most large dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. The unit sits across the passenger seat and straps to the passenger footrests. It’s equipped with one Hot Springs Heat Shield, but will require a second if you’re riding with a dual exhaust. Other features include a cable lock pass-through for securing your bundle while parked, a redesigned storm flap to help improve water deflection and a limited lifetime warranty.

aplpinestars jacket
alpinestars pants
Alpinestars Andes Dry Star Jacket and Pants.

MSRP: $399.00 

Alpinestars Andes Dry Star Jacket and Pants 
The Alpinestars Andes Drystar Jacket and Pants are sold separately, but if you have one you will want the other. The Drystar texile is 100% waterproof yet is breathable for when the temps rise. The Jacket has plenty of pockets and comes with CE rated elbow, shoulder and back protectors. Wear areas are reinforced to withstand contect with the pavement. The pants are constructed of the same 600D polyester Drystar Material and have stretch panels at the crotch and knees as well as pre-curved construction for comfort. Both have zippered air vents for warmer days in the saddle and have a removable thermal liner for more temperature control. I just crashed in this gear at the 2014 V-Strom press launch with a high-speed low-side, and the Andes gear passed the test with flying colors. – Justin Dawes

Pants MSRP: $229.95
Jacket MSRP: $249.95

Tom Tom Rider Motorcycle GPS Navigation

TomTom GPS
TomTom Rider Motorcycle GPS Navigation.

Some GPS systems can run close to $700 dollars, but the Tom Tom Rider Motorcycle GPS Navigation unit rings in at $399.95 and includes many features of other premium-priced devices. You’ll get free Lifetime Maps with the Tom Tom and can download four or more full updates to the road network, addresses and points of interest every year. Routes are changeable and sharable via Bluetooth and Trip Recording captures your route from start to finish. The glove-friendly screen is designed to work in all weather conditions and pre-installed maps include routes in the United States and Canada. Maps of other countries are available for download as well. You’ll get the Tom Tom device, charging bike dock and cable, RAM mount, USB home charger and PC route management via Tyre.

MSRP: $399.95

Cardo Systems Scala Rider G9 Power Set

Scala Rider G9
Cardo Systems Scala Rider G9 Power Set.

The Cardo Systems Scala Rider G9 Power Set helps adventurers stay connected during long rides. The G9 has a One+8 intercom system which allows up to nine riders to communicate and features like Group Buzz allow for audio to be sent to everyone on the network simultaneously. The flash pairing technology makes pairing two G9 sets easy, just bump them together and you’re ready to go. Voice commands allow riders to answer and intercom calls, dial numbers and reject calls if necessary. The G9 headset is also compatible with a variety of other devices such as Bluetooth enabled smartphones, MP3 players, GPS units and other Scala Rider models. The G9 has FM radio with scan and seek function, up to 13 hours of talk time and a noise cancelling microphone. AGC Technology automatically adjusts the headset volume according to ambient noise and driving speed.

MSRP: $499.95

Shuberth C3 Modular Helmet

Shuberth C3 Helmet
Shuberth C3 Modular Helmet.

The Shuberth C3 Modular Helmet has been designed for long-distance rides and is a light, quiet and versatile helmet. The C3 is DOT and ECE approved and is designed to be directionally stable while traveling at freeway speeds. An integrated acoustic collar and anti-noise pad reduce wind and road noise and the outer shell is constructed of lightweight S.T.R.O.N.G-Fiber. An integrated sun visor allows riders to adjust to changing light conditions on the fly and the adjustable pad ventilation system allows riders to personalize the helmet’s venting in various weather conditions. An Anti-Roll-Off-System keeps the helmet from pivoting off the head from behind in the event of a crash and a reflective reflex pad embedded in the neck padding increases visibility.

MSRP: $629.00 – $659.00 

Firstgear Liner
Firstgear 65 Watt Heated Jacket Liner.

Firstgear 65 Watt Heated Jacket Liner
The Firstgear 65 Watt Heated Jacket Liner is designed to be worn over a single layer, such as a t-shirt, and under an outer protective jacket. The Liner has plugs for Firstgear pants, gloves and glove liners and features heat pads on the front, upper and lower back as well as in the sleeves and collar. The form-fitting liner has flex panels in the back to facilitate full range of motion and if the temperature gets too warm, the liner packs away into its own zippered pouch. When paired with a Heat-troller device the heat produced by the First Gear 65 Watt Heated Liner can be adjusted as well.

MSRP: $169.99 

Butler Motorcycle Maps 

Butler Maps
Butler Motorcycle Maps

Screw GPS! Don’t bust out your phone and look up your location… Use a map! Get a physical piece of paper that will be worn and battered, folded up and tucked into tank bags and jacket pockets. Seek out and purchase that tangible thing that riders unfurl and ponder over, that is pressed down upon by index fingers as routes are surmised. Know that one day ye shall furrow thine brow and consult the surrounding topography. Ahh, that must be Mount _____ over there, which means I am right… Here. Take pleasure in the simple joy of orienting yourself with a map, dammit!

Sure, riders can source motorcycle-specific designs, like Butler Maps, which highlight the prime riding real estate and offer suggestions for food and lodging. The Butler designs are indeed marvelous, but this plea is not just for them alone. Buy one for any destination you want to go – it’s the first step in getting there. The gift of a map is the promise of adventure. Hold it in your hands and envision where you will ride one day. I have a stack of old, tattered maps such as these – they are treasured artifacts. Buy a map! – Bart Madson