Best Enduro 2013: Husaberg TE 250

December 27, 2013
By Motorcycle USA Staff
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Motorcycle USA gets dirty recapping the highlights of the 2013 riding season in its annual Best of Awards Dirt video– including selections for best enduro, dual-sport and motocross bike, as well as four-wheeled selections in the ATV and UTV segment.

Two-strokes have enjoyed a small revival in the past few years and MotoUSA welcomes it. Although the modern 4-stroke is a marvel of engineering and easer to ride for 99% of the world, the sweet smell of premix and metallic ring of an expansion chamber tugs at the heartstrings of many dirt slingers. The 2013 Husaberg TE 250 won our hearts during the 2013 250 2-Stoke Enduro Shootout. And while there were more than a few Enduro bikes that we enjoyed this year, naming the ‘Berg Best Enduro for 2013 was a slam-dunk.

The Husaberg TE 250 is one of the few holdouts from the 4-stroke onslaught, and while it shares a good chunk of its architecture with the KTM 250 XC-W, there are significant differences that elevate it to the top of the enduro pile for 2013. While the frame and engine are identical, the TE has an ultra-trick injected-molded plastic subframe that cuts weight over the rear end. The range is increased compared with its Austrian cousin thanks to a larger fuel load, and the blue plastics and wheels are eye catching.

Most significant however is the WP Suspension 48mm 4CS closed cartridge fork. On the trail, the WP fork deals with the wide variety of conditions encountered by an enduro machine much better than the standard USD forks on the KTM. The TE just rolls over terrain, soaking up big hits while still being plush in choppy sections. We also applaud the Husaberg for its sharp-yet-stable handling. It’s so easy to blast into a rutted corner, grab a handful of Brembos and then blast out with just a fan of the clutch.

When the riding gets technical, the light and nimble 2-stroke adds that extra bit of confidence that could be the difference in making a gnarly climb or staying upright in a rock pile. The TE 250 makes you feel like you’re channeling Graham Jarvis’ staggering trails and hard enduro skills, and for that we give the 2013 Husaberg TE 250 the nod as Best Enduro 2013.