Best Motocross MC 2013: Kawasaki KX250F

December 27, 2013
By Motorcycle USA Staff
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Motorcycle USA gets dirty recapping the highlights of the 2013 riding season in its annual Best of Awards Dirt video– including selections for best enduro, dual-sport and motocross bike, as well as four-wheeled selections in the ATV and UTV segment.

For the second year in a row Kawasaki gets the crown as the Best Motocross Motorcycle. This year though it’s not the big-bore KX450F bruiser that earned the title, but the Lites class-shredding KX250F which won instead. The 2013 Kawasaki KX250F took the win in our 2013 250 Motocross Shootout after missing the top spot in 2012, the revisions Team Green made to the KX250F making it our favorite MXer for 2013.

In the 250 class, producing tractable, user-friendly power is critical for shootout supremacy. And while the 2013 KX250F didn’t top the dyno chart in our comparison, on the track the KX put the power to the ground better and more ferociously than its predecessor. Every single 250 MX test rider raved about the extra power thanks to a reworked intake tract, higher compression and headwork.

Not only was the power beefed up, the chassis was tweaked to better utilize the engine mods. The frame got narrower, the head tube and shock mount were stiffened and the swingarm lengthened. The modifications made for one of the best handlers in the class. It does look massive compared to the trim Honda or KTM 250s, but it feels lighter than expected. It can turn with aggression but is also stable when speeds get scary. That right there makes it a confidence-inspiring ride for any skill level. It’s one reason why we select the 250 over its ripsnorting big brother, it’s just easier to ride and more accessible to the masses.

While the Honda CRF250F did tie the KX250F in points for the win this year, the Kawasaki has more soul and tenacity. And that is why it was always one of our first choices when it’s time to head to the track. Power, handling and character – it’s a recipe for Motocross Motorcycle of the Year for 2013.