Best Street Bike 2013: Ducati Multistrada S

December 27, 2013
By Motorcycle USA Staff
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Motorcycle USA recaps the best and brightest of the 2013 riding season in its annual Best of Awards Street video – including best street bike, sportbike and coveted Motorcycle of the Year.

The Ducati Multistrada has thrilled MotoUSA testers ever since its complete overhaul in 2010, but the Italian marque continued to refine with its 2013 model. Ducati’s Adventure-Touring platform is a street bike first and foremost, and a high-performance one at that. The latest edition only enhances its on-road performance.

For 2013 the Multi’s Superbike-derived engine platform gets a 5% boost in peak torque for 2013, not that it needed any help! The Testastretta L-Twin already ripped on the street, but now gets a smidge more gusto with those extra claimed 4.5 lb-ft. The electronic package allows riders to dumb things down from 150 to 100 horsepower via the selectable engine maps. Only 100 hp…

But it’s the new electronic addition of Ducati’s Skyhook suspension system that raises the performance bar. Electronically-adjustable suspension is the latest big-ticket technological development for performance bikes, and Ducati’s Skyhook system takes the concept to a new level – updating the already flawless handling of its predecessor.

The arrival of the Multistrada has forever altered the so-called Adventure-Touring segment, with its raw performance forcing both BMW and KTM to power up with their latest “Adventure” mounts. While we have consistently taken shots at the Ducati’s off-road durability as a true Adventure bike, there’s no match for the Duc on the street – making the Multistrada S our selection as Best Street Bike of 2013.