Best Touring 2013: BMW K1600GTL

December 27, 2013
By Motorcycle USA Staff
The motorcycle touring segment saw some notable redesigns in 2013, including the Yamaha FJR1300, as well as some all-new entries, like the Honda F6B and Triumph Trophy, but the king in our eyes remains BMW’s K1600GTL. What can we say, the ridiculous power from its Inline Six teams with sharp handling and a luxurious touring package.

The BMW K1600 GTLs electronically adjustable suspension is simply amazing. Not only does it offer multiple modes it is easy-to-use and has a dramatic effect on the motorcycles handling.
The BMW K1600GTL and its impressive Inline Six continue to set the bar in luxury touring performance and comfort.

BMW’s Inline Six is a technical marvel and showcases the Propeller Brand’s engineering prowess. At 22 inches wide the Six is no broader than the K1300 Inline Four it replaced. And it churns out boatloads of creamy torque on demand – 113.8 lb-ft of torque and 136.84 horsepower to be exact as measured by MotoUSA’s in-house dyno.

The GTL’s highlight is its Inline Six, but the rest of the performance package also lives up to its best-in-class billing. BMW staples like shaft final drive and proprietary duolever and paralever suspension mate with the German brand’s latest electronics update including ride-by-wire, adjustable engine and throttle mapping and traction control. There’s computer-assisted suspension adjustment as well.

The Beemer delivers one of the most comfortable riding experiences available, especially for passengers. The GTL sports all the touring amenities demanded by a luxury-touring bike at a $23,200 price tag. It is not a cheap bike by any definition of the word, but the GTL remains the top ultra-touring platform on the road and our selection for Best Touring Motorcycle of 2013.