Garwood Custom Spoke Wheels for Sportbikes

December 30, 2013
Courtesy of BikerPros
Garwood Custom Cycles spoke wheels for sportbikes
Garwood Custom Cycles latest creation are these thick spoked wheels for sportbikes.

The Next Style Innovation: Garwood Custom Cycles’ Spoke Wheels for Sportbikes

Garwood Custom Cycles just released its latest creation that enhances the look of a sportbike: spoke wheels. Spokes add a striking look to any sportbike while they function and perform like a cast or a machined wheel.

The wheels are available in fat spokes (50 large diameter spokes) and cross laced 40, 60, 80 and 120 spokes. Wheels come in stock replacement sizes all the way up to custom 360mm rear tires with sizes from 17 x 3.5 to 18 x 14. Wheels are available for Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda and Kawasaki sportbikes.

“We are excited about our new Garwood Spoke Wheels, as they provide a striking impact to a motorcycle,” explained Steve Garwood, General Manager. “At Garwood we are focused on visual impact as well as on quality, and that’s why we run our products through significant testing before they are ready for prime time.”

Garwood Custom Cycles is known as a leading customizer in the United States. Garwood took this customization-centric approach and released the line with a multitude of customization options. This includes spokes and rims available in all primary colors, polish and chrome. Spoke styles include fat, smooth, twisted or jewel cut.

Garwood has a ‘Wheel Consultant’ on staff available via phone at 336-249-8289.

About Garwood Custom Cycles
Garwood Custom Cycles was started in 1995 by (CEO) David Garwood. The firm has mastered the ability to fuse cutting-edge styles with key-performance designs. The company builds innovative custom bikes based off import and domestic motorcycle platforms. Garwood is a leading custom motorcycle shop in the country, which is attracting new riders and setting trends through their innovative styles and designs. Visit the company online at