KTM Claims Biggest Sales Growth in 2013

December 10, 2013
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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KTM North America has claimed it’s the “fastest growing motorcycle company in the US for 2013,” according to a recent press release. KTM claims a 49% growth in sales for November 2013 and a 28.8% increase in year-to-date sales (at the end of November). No specific model or segment totals are listed in the release or figures regarding subsidiary brands such as Husaberg and Husqvarna.

KTM North America Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brad Hagi, said of the 2013 sales tally: “Credit for this amazing performance is due to the excellent new product we have brought to market and to the increased effort for KTM by our dealer network. For the past three years our dealers have risen to every opportunity we have put before them—SXS Mini’s, SX Factory Editions, ISDE Bikes, 990 Adventure Baja Editions, 690 Dukes—and customers have responded well. I can’t wait to see how our dealers perform with the new 1190 Adventure models and the 1290 Super Duke R. To every KTM dealer and their staff – you have my personal thanks for your dedication, energy and effort in making KTM the fastest growing brand in 2013.”

North America (USA and Canada) is the largest single market for KTM, according to the 2013 Half-Year Report which provides company-wide information through June 30, 2013. Up to that point sales were down compared to the same period in 2012 to 7616 vehicles. But KTM had improved its market share in the US, notching a 22.5% increase in registered vehicles to claim 3.8% of the 217,732 vehicles registered in the States through the first half of 2013. For reference, at the end of 2012 KTM commanded 3.7% of the market share in the US.