2014 250 Motocross Shootout Conclusion

January 15, 2014
Justin Dawes
Justin Dawes
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For the first time ever in a MotoUSA shootout, there was a unanimous decision on which bike they would buy with their own money. That right there speaks volumes of Yamaha’s turnaround with the YZ250F, and that is the real story of this comparison. But we also need to temper the love we shower on the new YZ. Every bike in this shootout is excellent and is far more capable than even the best test rider’s abilities. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but if it were up to us we’d take the Yamaha.

Nick Thiel – Pro – Yamaha YZ250F

It’s very simple. With all of the choices these days you can’t go wrong. It’s truly what you can get a deal on and/or the bike that is easiest to set up for your liking. This being said, it’s close to impossible not to go with the Yamaha if you’re going racing for the year. A pipe, bars and minimal suspension work and you would be competitive with anything on the gate. I really think that the bike could be raced in the stock form and there would be no issues either. With Yamaha’s outstanding reliability track record and a great motorcycle, how could you choose something else?

Chris See – Pro – Yamaha YZ250F

In the end if I had money and I could spend it, I would have to say Blue Crew all-day-everyday. For 2014 the bike has motor, and motor is what I base 85% of my personal 250 choice on. You can make all of them turn and handle fairly cheap, but it helps a lot on a privateer’s wallet if the bike comes with a mean motor, so for this reason my money this year would go to a Yamaha YZ250F.

Sean Hamblin – Pro – Yamaha YZ250F

If I were to go racing and had to purchase bikes out of my own pocket it would be hard to say which direction I would choose, but Yamaha’s all-new bike is a hit, both in power and performance. That’s not saying you can’t make any one of these 250F’s a winning machine or aren’t right there competing for the crown; all the bikes have the ability to be a front runner in any class you race.

Sara Price – Pro – Yamaha YZ250F

If I were to go out and buy any of these bikes, I would have to say, if you are racing competitively on a budget the Yamaha is the way to go. Its power to overall handling is the best you can come by in an overall bike. By having that fast motor, you can have the opportunity to stay away from expensive builds and still expect to get the holeshots. Being my first time riding a different brand other than Kawasaki, it’s definitely not easy to say the Yamaha either, as I love my Kawis, but for the most bang for your buck the Yamaha 250F is definitely the way to go.

Matt Armstrong – Pro – Yamaha YZ250F

From the first time I laid eyes on this bike I was intrigued. From it’s out-of-the-box design with cutting edge lines and fully revamped motor and chassis, this bike had me at hello. Once I threw a leg over it and opened her up it sealed the deal! The bike had so much punch right out of the gate and it didn’t end there… One of my favorite features of the bike was the balance; everything felt so neutral and centralized and played a big part in its great handling characteristics. The suspension was very plush which kept the bike planted when entering corners and in the small bumps. With that being said, I felt really relaxed and comfortable on the bike, which made it more fun to ride. All in all Yamaha did an awesome job on this machine and I would love to have one to shred at my local track!

Justin Dawes – Vet – Yamaha YZ250F

Usually during the 250 Motocross Shootout I waffle and waver on which bike is my favorite, but this time it was easy. The YZ250F just does everything to a level that is better than I am, and then to top it off the engine is unbelievable. Its killer grunt out of the corners and beefy midrange allows me to screw up in a corner (which I do a lot these days) and still be able to not lose time. The Kawasaki and KTM were close for me as well, but not close enough for me to doubt my choice – The 2014 Yamaha YZ250F.