Anaheim II 250 Supercross Results 2014

January 18, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Troy Lee Design’s Cole Seely notched his first 250 SX win of the season at Anaheim II, putting in a flawless run from start to finish. Rockstar Energy’s Jason Anderson took second-place followed by Yamaha’s Cooper Webb in third.

Seely rocketed off the start and took the holeshot, trailed by Webb and Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson. Anderson got bunched up mid-pack during the opening lap, but made quick work of a handful of riders to settle into fifth early on. The KTM ace made the move on Seely’s teammate, Malcolm Stewart, on the second-lap and moved into fourth-place. Wilson had a brief off soon after, allowing Anderson to easily slide into podium position with 11 laps remaining.

Seely continued to stretch his lead and when Anderson finally made the pass on Webb for second-place, the Honda rider was more than five seconds ahead with six laps remaining. The two riders maintained a similarly fast pace through the remaining laps, so Anderson was never able to catch his rival and challenge for the win. Webb maintained in third-place followed by Stewart in fourth and Wilson’s teammate, Justin Hill, in fifth. Hill had a remarkable come-back after an off on the opening lap set him well outside the top-10.

Anderson holds on to the points lead with Seely three points back in second. Osborne is third followed by Webb in fourth and Wilson in fifth.

Update: Anderson was later assed a penalty for violating section 4.15, paragraph e of the 2014 Supercross Rulebook. The section states that a rider “must roll each jump individually with no passing and exercise extreme caution” when a white flag with red cross or red flashing light is displayed “at the beginning of a triple jump or a series of jumps.” Chris Proscelle was also penalized, and both riders were dropped two positions as a result. For Anderson this moves him from second-place down to fourth and reduces his points take from 72 to 68, giving Seely a single point lead in the series. Webb is now placed second followed by Stewart in third. Results and points below have been updated to reflect the change.

Anaheim II 250 Supercross Results 2014
1. Cole Seely (Honda)
2. Cooper Webb (Yamaha)
3. Malcolm Stewart (Honda)
4. Jason Anderson (KTM)
5. Justin Hill (Kawasaki)
6. Shane Mcelrath (Honda)
7. Dean Wilson (Kawasaki)
8. Zach Osborne (Honda)
9. Michael Leib (Honda)
10. Jessy Nelson (Honda)
11. Dean Ferris (KTM)
12. Dakota Tedder (Kawasaki)
13. Cole Martinez (Kawasaki)
14. Chris Plouffe (Honda)
15. Valentin Teillet (Kawasaki)

250 Supercross Points 2014
1. Cole Seely, 69
2. Jason Anderson, 68 
3. Cooper Webb, 53
4. Zach Osborne, 53
5. Dean Wilson, 50
6. Malcolm Stewart, 49
7. Justin Hill, 44
8. Jessy Nelson, 35
9. Dean Ferris, 31
10. Shane Mcelrath, 29


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