Hensly’s CCRacer Ep 202: Works by James

January 15, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Byron's sure to be hunched over a laptop after the checkers are flown, caught in his own little version of heaven. Whether on dirt, street or a combination of both, MotoUSA's newest addition knows the only thing better than actually riding is telling the story of how things went down.

In keeping with the new format for the second season of CCRacer, actor John Hensley turns the lens onto members of the motorcycle community that embody the best parts of two-wheeled culture. In Episode 201, John Ethell of Jett Tuning intertwined personal anecdotes with professional reflection, providing an intimate look into the life of a racing mechanic, rider mentor and all-around respected guy in the industry.

Episode 202, “Works by James,” zeroes in on David James Kennedy, a man that has followed his passion for coffee, music and motorcycles to ensure that every day is spent pursuing the things he loves.

Kennedy plays guitar and has toured the world with his band Angels & Airwaves among other projects. He owns and runs James Coffee Co., a southern California-based coffee shop that, according to the company’s website, specializes in “single-origin beans as well as exclusive James Coffee crafted blends.” He’s also an interminable motorcycle enthusiast -“if everything else went away,” explains Kennedy in the episode, “everything I love to do, if I still had a motorcycle I’d be happy.”

He’s not a professional wrencher and doesn’t aspire to be. But working on bikes and enjoying time with friends in the garage tinkering on projects is a source of unparalleled joy and satisfaction for Kennedy. Join Kennedy in his garage in CCRacer Episode 202 and feel free to share stories of the source of your passion for motorcycles in the comments section below.

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