WSBK to Review Homologation Requirements

January 17, 2014
Courtesy of WorldSBK
The addition of Erik Buell Racing to the 2014 WorldSBK paddock, and more recently Bimota expressing the intention to contest the series have raised questions regarding homologation. Dorna WSBK Organization has announced that it plans to review homologation requirements for the SBK series.

 The commission first revealed that such talks were in the works mid-December 2013 when a number of technical and sporting regulation changes were announced for the 2014 season. At that time it was said that “a long discussion took place between the members to review the homologation procedures for 2015, especially to review the minimum number of machines to be produced by a manufacturer for the purposes of homologation and to fix the maximum retail price for a model to be homologated.”

According to the 2013 rulebook, “the manufacturer must have produced at least 125 motorcycles prior to homologation inspection,” must reach a minimum quantity of 500 units by June of the same year and then have a minimum of 1000 by December 31st the current year. The manufacturer must then produce at least 2000 total units by December 31st of the following year. The motorcycles must be available to consumers in the USA, Europe or Japan by April of the homologation year. The full Dorna release is included below, and promises an official announcement on the matter by the end of January. – MCUSA Byron Wilson

“The FIM welcomes new motorcycle manufacturers wishing to participate in one or more FIM World Championships. With reference to the FIM Superbike World Championship, there are rules and requirements which have to be observed and fulfilled. As a result, the required minimum quantity of produced units necessary to obtain homologation are reviewed periodically to run parallel to the motorcycle market.

As an illustration, the FIM and the Superbike Commission have in the past adjusted the minimum quantities of motorcycles to be produced to participate due to the worldwide economic market situation. Such a change was adopted in 2009. Another change was made due to the market situation in 2012 when the market situation for motorcycles in the sport section was of great concern. We have started discussions within the Superbike Commission to modify these numbers.

An official announcement will be made by the end of January.”