2013 Motorcycle Sales Increase 1.4%

February 3, 2014
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) reports annual motorcycle sales grew 1.4% in 2013. The 465,783 unit total represents a 6485 increase from 2012. The dual-purpose and off-road segments enjoyed the greatest percentage annual growth, with scooter sales declining in 2013.

On-Highway motorcycles sales tallied 324,691 for the year, a 2% increase from 2012. The On-Highway segment is by far the largest tracked by the MIC, and it includes all street-legal bikes excepting dual-sports and scooters. It recorded a 6485 unit year-over-year increase.

The smallest volume segment, Dual, reported the largest YOY percentage increase at 7.8%. The Dual category includes small street-legal dual-sports as well as popular Adventure bikes. The yearly total for this market was 32,979 a 2387 unit increase in 2013.

Off-Highway motorcycle sales grew 5.7% for the year. The annual total of 73,371 represents a 3976 unit boost from last year. The near 4000-unit gain comes despite a slow finish in 2013, recording a YOY decrease of 1025 units in December.

Scooter sales, which are traditionally more volatile than bike sales, struggled to match 2012 totals. The annual tally of 34,742 was 6363 units short of the 2012 total – a 15.5% decline.

ATV sales for 2013 posted a nearly identical tally of 228,305 – a 0.5% increase over 2012. The quad market benefited from a strong December to push the annual tally into the black, with a 1799 unit increase YOY for the month. Notably, the MIC does not track sales for UTV and side-by-side units, which have reportedly eclipsed ATV sales in recent years.

  2013           2012           Change      %Change
DUAL  32,979 30,592 2387 7.8%
OFF-HWY  73,371 69,395 3976 5.7%
ON-HWY  324,691 318,206 6485 2.0%
SCOOTER  34,742 41,105 -6363 -15.5%
TOTAL  465,783 459,298 6485 1.4%
ATV  228,305 227,256 1049 0.5%

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