Harley-Davidson at Thundersprint 2014

February 11, 2014
Courtesy of Thundersprint
Patrick Yates of Chesterfield Harley
Harleyworld team
(Above) Harleyworld’s Dealer Principal, Patrick Yates. (Below) The Harleyworld Team.

Harleyworld Chesterfield, and Robin Hood Harley Davidson, are joining forces to bring a major presence for the iconic Milwaukee brand to this year’s Thundersprint which will be held at the beautiful Darley Moor circuit over the weekend of May 10/11.

Star of Harley’s road show will be the chance to ride a real Harley – without ever leaving their stand!

Harleyworld’s Dealer Principal, Patrick Yates, explains how the unique experience works. “Riding a Harley for the first time is always a very special moment for any rider but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming.

“Harleys are big bikes with a big presence and taking one out on to busy roads for someone new to the brand can be challenging.

“The Harley Experience allows riders to try out a real Harley, in complete safety, on our rolling road. The bike rides just as if you were out on the highway and you can feel the power of the v-twin engine, try the gears and, best of all, hear the unique Harley sound.

“All this without leaving our stand – and with our enthusiastic staff to assist you.

“Once you’ve tried the Harley Experience, you can book a test ride with Harleyworld, or Robin Hood Harley Davidson, and you’ll be hooked for life because quite simply there’s nothing like a Harley.”

As well as the Harley Experience, there will be the full range of H-D bikes on display along with technical experts to answer questions and share tips for getting the best out of your Harley.

It’s easy to think of Harleys just as cruisers but the company has made some very fine race bikes too and one of these will be in the hands of Patrick Yates at the Thundersprint.

Patrick said: “I always loved riding at Darley Moor which is one of my favourite tracks. In my garage is one of the Harley XR1200 Challenge bikes from the British Superbike series so I didn’t take much persuading to dig out my leathers and make a comeback.

“The only thing better than riding a Harley on the road is racing one!”

For more information contact Frank Melling on 01928 740 498 or e-mail info@thundersprint.com.


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