New ICON 1000 Spring & Summer Collection

February 21, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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ICON has released a swath of new ICON 1000 gear for its 2014 Spring/Summer line, highlighted by a focus on vintage styling, broad use of its new D30 armor and new Variant and Airmada helmet graphics. Products of note include the Rouser Pant which features Kevlar woven into the denim and D30 knee protection as well as the Vigilante Dropout Jacket, which features a herringbone nylon chassis, drum-dyed cowhide sleeves, insulated satin core vest liner and a number of chenille embroidered patches. The Sanctuary Jacket targets the sport sector and is made of 1.2-1.4mm TrackSpec Brazilian cowhide.

For women riders the Hella 1000 Jacket comes in a black or brown Waxed Heritage coated canvas chassis and the ICON 1000 Hella Women’s Chap, also constructed of Waxed Heritage coated canvas, though color choice is limited to black only.

In the helmet department, ICON continues its tradition of bold, striking graphics. The Airmada Bioskull features a chrome finish and H.R. Giger-like industrial-skeletal imagery. Feathers, Gold flake, Chantilly lace and more are available on other Airmadas in the 1000 line as well. The Variant Hard Luck is a black and charcoal dual-sport helmet that features a fiberglass/dyneema/carbon fiber shell and anti-lift visor.

In addition to strict riding gear there’s also the ODL and Stavanger Hoodies, the Navigator Collection which features a wallet, portfiolo and belt-loop key chain and a new Molded Helmet Case. Check out the photos below to see examples of the new product.

ICON 1000 Vigilante Dropout Jacket.
ICON 1000 Vigilante Dropout Jacket.
ICON Airmada Chantilly White helmet.
ICON Airmada Chantilly White Helmet.

ICON Airmada Hard Luck red helmet.
ICON Airmada Hard Luck Red Helmet.
ICON Airmada Lucky Time helmet.
ICON Airmada Lucky Time Helmet.

ICON Chantilly scarf.
ICON Chantilly Scarf.
ICON Navigator Portfolio.
ICON Navigator Portfolio.

ICON ODL Jacket.
ICON ODL Jacket.
ICON Oildale Jacket brown.
ICON Oildale Jacket.

ICON Stavanger Hoodie.
ICON Stavanger Hoodie.
ICON Variant Hard Luck helmet.
ICON Variant Hard Luck Helmet.

ICON Vigilante jacket.
ICON Vigilante Jacket.
ICON Womens Hella 1000 jacket.
ICON Women’s Hella 1000 Jacket.


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