2014 Ural Motorcycles First Look

March 3, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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2014 Ural Patrol.
The Ural Patrol is one of four models to receive extensive upgrades in 2014, including EFI, new brakes and steering enhancements.

Ural Motorcycles has introduced some significant changes to its 2014 model line-up, including new Electronic Fuel Injection, disc brakes and steering enhancements. This roll-out of updates is over two years in the making, explains Ilya Khait, Ural President and CEO:

“For many years we were watching other manufacturers launching new models after new models every year. So two and a half years ago we decided we needed to do something more significant than changing the color combinations. It’s not to say that we didn’t change the color combinations for 2014, as a matter of fact we did. But we also made the bike lighter, faster, more responsive, more fuel efficient, better in handling and braking. New Urals maintain our signature classic charm, ruggedness and unpretentious character. At the same time, performance-wise these bikes got closer to what riders expect from a modern day motorcycle.

“We know there are a large number of people that like the idea of a classic motorcycle with a sidecar but the well-known quirks of previous generations’ Urals stopped some of them from exploring it further. With the introduction of the new Ural we’re hoping to get another chance.”

The Russian motorcycle brand focused on four of its five available US models for 2014, the T, Patrol, Gear-Up and M70. Each carries the 749cc Boxer Flat-Twin engine, which claims output of 41 horsepower at 5500 rpm and 42 lb-ft of torque at 4300 rpm. Improved low- to mid-range torque was a primary focus for engineers so in addition to the new EFI system the camshaft profile was revised for shorter rotational duration. The airbox nearly doubled in size as well and inlets were relocated to make service easier and provide improved weather resistance.

EFI is the big news however, since all Urals prior to the 2014 line-up were carbureted. Ural worked with Michigan-based engineering company, ElectroJet, Inc., and utilized components from Bosch and Delphi to create its new EFI system. Other engine mods include a redesigned front cover that integrates a standard spin-on oil filter and new wiring harness to accommodate the EFI.

The Russian marque asserts that engine modifications on its 2014 line have resulted in a 15% increase in torque over the previous year’s model, with 90% of max torque achieved below 2300 rpms.

In the braking department, the four updated models feature disc brakes on all three wheels. Since 2003 Urals have come equipped with Brembo discs on the front and drum brakes on the rear and sidecar.

The 2014 front brake is a 295mm floating disc with a four-piston fixed Brembo caliper while the rear is a 256mm fixed disc with a HB (Hayes Brakes) big-bore single-piston floating caliper. A 245mm floating rotor is mounted to the sidecar and is pinched by a two-piston fixed Brembo caliper.

To facilitate the new rear braking system Ural redesigned the wheel hubs, utilizing standard sealed bearings and new dust seals. The Russian marque ditched the cast drive splines in the rear hubs as well for hardened bolt-on spline flanges.

The mechanical friction-type steering damper is gone, replaced by a 16-position hydraulic unit to help improve handling over a variety of conditions. The upper and lower triple clamps were redesigned as well and are now made of forged aluminum alloy.

Designers also changed the appearance of the new Urals, incorporating knee pads and badges on the tank and designing a new dashboard with up-to-date indicator lamps.

Other features standard on the T, Patrol, Gear-Up and M70 models are electric and kick-start ignition, four-forward and one-reverse gearbox, double-sided swingarm with two Sachs springs on the rear and a single-sided swingarm with Sachs spring on the sidecar. The T, Patrol and Gear-Up feature IMX leading-link forks while the M70 comes with 40mm Marzocchi telescopic forks.

2014 MSRP Ural Motorcycles
Gear-Up – $15,999
Patrol (One Tone Color) – $15,399
Patrol (Two Tone Color) – $15,599
T – $12,399
M70 – $15,599
sT (No sidecar) – $9,299