AMA Flat Track Daytona II Results 2014

March 14, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Zanotti Racing’s Kenny Coolbeth Jr. took a decisive victory in the second Expert Singles race at Daytona International Speedway. Ramspur Winery’s Jake Johnson trailed more than four seconds behind Coolbeth for second followed by Zanotti Racing’s Stevie Bonsey in third.

The contest was delayed slightly after the initial start when USC Kawasaki’s Brandon Robinson and Alphase Masonry & Chimney’s Jake Constantine made contact, sending both riders to the ground. Both were able to remount and rejoin the grid.

Johnson scored the front in the restart but Coolbeth was determined to move ahead from second. Once Coolbeth found his way to the lead he twisted the throttle and never looked back. With five laps remaining Coolbeth started running into lappers, but it proved to be a non-issue as he maintained his distance from Johnson in second. His excitement was clear at the checkers as he rode across in a triumphant wheelie, earning the 30th Grand National victory of his career.

“I’ve wanted this one for a long time,” said Coolbeth “I’ve got seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths all the way back. I’ve been working hard all winter. Obviously a good team, I think we have the best equipment and this is a good way to open the season.”

Johnson and Bonsey ran consistent laps to take the final two steps on the podium. Fredericktown Yamaha’s Sammy Halbert crossed the line in fourth followed by Robinson in fifth. Robinson was on a mission after his early off and wove his way through much of the pack for the top-five result. Don’s Kawasaki’s Henry Wiles finished in sixth followed by Constantine in seventh. Oasis Homes’ Bryan Smith took eighth and the 2013 GNC Combined Champion, Brad Baker of FMC Dyno Center, finished 11th.

Sammy Halbert leads in overall Expert Singles points after Daytona. Johnson sits second followed by Coolbeth in third. Robinson is fourth and Rod Lake Racing’s Briar Bauman, winner the previous night, sits fifth after a difficult second race saw him finish 15th.

AMA Flat Track Expert Singles Daytona II Results 2014
1. Kenny Coolbeth Jr. (Honda)
2. Jake Johnson (Honda)
3. Stevie Bonsey (Honda)
4. Sammy Halbert (Yamaha)
5. Brandon Robinson (Kawasaki)
6. Henry Wiles (Kawasaki)
7. Jake Constantine (Honda)
8. Bryan Smith (Honda)
9. Mike Rush (Honda)
10. Jethro Halbert (Yamaha)
11. Brad Baker (KTM)
12. Jared Mees (Honda)
13. Daniel Ingram (Kawasaki)
14. Jeffrey Carver Jr. (Honda)
15. Briar Bauman (Honda)

Pro Singles

Wilhelm Racing’s Brandon Wilhelm scored the Pro Singles win on the second night of racing at Daytona International Speedway. TJ Burnett Farms’ Davis Fisher took his first professional flat track podium in second-place followed by Jones Racing’s Justin Jones in third.

The race was forced to restart twice before the checkered flag. The first red flag came after Highs Dairy Stores’ Mike Poe and Thresher Communications’ Ryan Foster went down in Turn 2 of Lap 1. Wilhelm took the front in the restart and was followed by Jones and GP Sports’ Rodney Spencer Jr. in third. The previous night’s Pro Singles winner, Ryan Wells of KTM, slotted into fourth and five laps into the race was able to move past Spencer Jr. for podium position. Wilhelm held steady out front, not allowing Jones any opportunity to make up ground. Wells was unable to gain on Jones either, but all riders were given another chance when the second red flag was flown in the final laps after Callies Racing’s Gerit Callies went down.

Officials called for a five-lap shootout after the second restart, and Wilhelm again moved to the front in the opening turn. Jones slotted into second followed by Fisher in third and Wells in fourth. Wilhelm was able to build enough of a gap to remain safe out front to the checkers. Jones, however, lost the number two spot on the final lap when Fisher pushed past.

Parkinson Bros Racing’s J.R. Addison slipped ahead of Wells late in the race to finish fourth. Kawasaki rider Dylan Morin took sixth with Hot Rod Harley-Davidson’s Kyle Johnson finishing in seventh.

Wilhelm leaves Daytona with the overall points lead, two points ahead of Wells in second. Jones sits third followed by Fisher in fourth and Spencer Jr. in fifth.

AMA Pro Flat Track Pro Singles Daytona II Results 2014
1. Brandon Wilhelm (Honda)
2. Davis Fisher (Honda)
3. Justin Jones (Honda)
4. J.R. Addison (Honda)
5. Ryan Wells (KTM)
6. Dylan Morin (Kawasaki)
7. Kyle Johnson (Honda)
8. Dan Bromley (KTM)
9. Rodney Spencer Jr. (Honda)
10. Gerit Callies (Honda)
11. Bronson Bauman (Honda)
12. Dominic Colindres (Honda)
13. Ryan Foster (Honda)
14. Jesse Long (Honda)
15. Ben Lowe (Honda)


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