AMA SuperBike Daytona Race 1 Results 2014

March 14, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Monster Energy Graves Yamaha’s Josh Hayes started his bid for a fourth AMA Pro SuperBike title with a win in Race 1 at Daytona International Speedway. The Mississippi Madman beat out Yoshimura Suzuki’s Roger Hayden by a slim two-hundredths of a second at the checkers. Hayes’ new teammate and SuperBike rookie, Cameron Beaubier, finished third.

Hayes throttled to the head of the pack from third on the grid entering the opening turn of Race 1, followed by pole-sitter Hayden and Beaubier. Hayden’s teammate, Martin Cardenas, slotted into fourth position and held steady in a battle for second-place as Hayes started to pull away. The Colombian rider’s tenure in the lead-pack was short-lived however thanks to a mistake in the early laps. Cardenas lost the front on Lap 3 and slid off track. He was able to rejoin and finished in 12th.

The trio of riders out front gapped the rest of the field by a significant margin and though Hayes attempted to make it a one-man show in the lead, Beaubier and Hayden were able to reel him in. Beaubier’s push to make up time on Hayes resulted in an early mistake which saw the 2013 Daytona SportBike champion come in too hot into Turn 1 and run wide. Hayes and Hayden pulled away but Beaubier quickly corrected and remained within striking distance in third.

Beaubier pushed hard to regain position among the front-runners and was soon back in the mix, passing Hayden for second with six laps remaining. The rookie then set to pressuring Hayes, and even took the lead from the Mississippi native for a lap late in the race, but Hayes answered back the following lap. Beaubier held to Hayes’ rear tire but then in the final laps he ran wide in Turn 1 a second time. He was able to rejoin in third but had run out of time and tire to be able to make it back to the leaders before the end of the race.

After refraining from any big moves the entire race, Hayden made a push on Hayes in the final lap and came within inches of drafting for the win.

Hayden’s teammate, Chris Clark, held steady against pressure from ADR Motorsports’ David Anthony and KTM’s Chris Fillmore. Anthony and Fillmore were on top of Clark for the bulk of the race and finished in fifth and sixth, respectively.

AMA Pro SuperBike Daytona Race 1 Results 2014
1. Josh Hayes (Yamaha)
2. Roger Hayden (Suzuki)
3. Cameron Beaubier (Yamaha)
4. Chris Clark (Suzuki)
5. David Anthony (Suzuki)
6. Chris Fillmore (KTM)
7. Diego Pierluigi (Suzuki)
8. Taylor Knapp (Suzuki)
9. Cory West (EBR)
10. Stefano Mesa (Kawasaki)
11. Bernat Martinez (Yamaha)
12. Martin Cardenas (Suzuki)
13. Chris Ulrich (Honda)
14. Huntley Nash (Kawasaki)
15. Reese Wacker (Suzuki)

AMA Pro SuperBike Points 2014
1. Josh Hayes, 30
2. Roger Hayden, 25
3. Cameron Beaubier, 21
4. Chris Clark, 18
5. David Anthony, 16
6. Chris Fillmore, 15
7. Diego Pierluigi, 14
8. Taylor Knapp, 13
9. Cory West, 12
10. Stefano Mesa, 11


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