AMA SuperSport Daytona Race 2 Results 2014

March 15, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Celtic Racing’s Corey Alexander made it a perfect weekend in AMA Pro SuperSport, taking his second win at Daytona International Speedway. Alexander’s teammate, Wyatt Farris, finished second followed by Suzuki rider Hayden Gillim in third.

Like he did in Race 1, Alexander turned a strong start into an early lead in Race 2. The 2013 SuperSport East champion stretched out a sizable gap on the field and crossed the line over six seconds ahead of Farris.

As Alexander rode off into the distance the battle for second was heated between Suzuki pilot Cody Wyman,’s Armando Ferrer, Houston Superbikes’ Dustin Dominguez and Farris. Gillim sat back in eighth through the opening laps and had to close a slight gap in order to contend for podium position. While Farris, Wyman and Dominguez swapped position Gillim slowly closed in, making full use of the drafting off the final turn before the finish line.

Farris was able to push slightly ahead of the pack during the final laps to hold the runner-up spot. Gillim made his move late in the game for the final step, edging past Ferrer by just a few hundredths of a second at the checkers. Wyman ended the race in fifth followed by Dominguez in sixth.

Alexander holds the SuperSport points lead, 10 points ahead of Farris. Dominguez sits third after two races, followed by Gillim in fourth and Ferrer in fifth.

AMA Pro SuperSport Daytona Race 2 Results 2014
1. Corey Alexander (Suzuki)
2. Wyatt Farris (Suzuki)
3. Hayden Gillim (Suzuki)
4. Armando Ferrer (Yamaha)
5. Cody Wyman (Suzuki)
6. Dustin Dominguez (Yamaha)
7. JC Camacho (Yamaha)
8. Mark Miller Jr. (Yamaha)
9. Jason Aguilar (Yamaha)
10. Erick Sanchez (Yamaha)
11. Mario Alvarez (Yamaha)
12. Kaleb De Keyrel (Yamaha)
13. Ryan Jones (Yamaha)
14. Eziah Davis (Yamaha)
15. Curtis Murray (Suzuki)

AMA SuperSport Points 2014
1. Corey Alexander, 60
2. Wyatt Farris, 50
3. Dustin Dominguez, 36
4. Hayden Gillim, 35
5. Armando Ferrer, 34
6. Cody Wyman, 34
7. Mark Miller Jr., 25
8. Jason Aguilar, 25
9. JC Camacho, 23
10. Mario Alvarez, 20


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