Yamaha’s New “RevStation” Microsite

March 25, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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Yamaha has two new model releases on the horizon and to generate additional interest the Tuning Fork brand has created a sci-fi-inspired microsite to tease out details. Called “RevStation,” the microsite takes tried-and-true archetypes of the genre and puts them to use: the android-humanoid without a heart, the rebel rookie to the team that has something “special,” the stubborn project lead who’s my-way-or-the highway approach causes friction with the young upstart, and on and on. The four and a half minute “Episode One” (included below) goes into all the details.

Of the two models to be released, one, the Tricity scooter, already occupies display space on the site while the second remains “under development.” Considering the Tokyo Motor Show debut of the near production-ready R25 entry-level sportbike in November 2013 (with rumors of a Yamaha R3 also being teased to the media), it’s our presumption that the R25 will soon join the Tricity in the RevStation.

Yamaha’s pitch with RevStation includes a hypothetical 21st century where the Earth is weak and the human race is “in peril of extinction.” The only solution is to provide humanity with “Rev, an extraordinary energy generated from the height of human emotions.” Will the low-displacement but-still-fun-and-exciting-looking R25 be the revolutionary breakthrough rookie engineer Nick reveals to his stunned peers? The sportbike styling still allows him to keep the “edge” that makes him a good renegade and maybe he’ll even stir a little human emotion in that android-humanoid’s non-existent heart. A sci-fi action thriller can always use a little side-narrative love interest, right?

Perhaps a less dramatic and more informative release will follow. As well as news about if and when Yamaha’s Tricity, or its entry-level sportbike mount, will makes their way back from the future dystopia to present day American shores.