2014 Cookstown 100 Results

April 29, 2014
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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The 2014 road racing series kicked off last weekend with the Cookstown 100. Manx rider Dan Kneen claimed victory in the featured race, besting William Dunlop on corrected time. The Irish road course also saw Irishman Derek Sheils snatch a pair of victories, one apiece in the Supersport and Open classes. Michael Dunlop also doubled up, with a victory in Supersport and Supertwins, having gritted his way through an arm injury to take the wins.

The namesake Cookstown 100, a Superbike race, proved an unusual result. William Dunlop, a nine-time winner at Cookstown, claimed the checkered flag after besting the Kawasaki duo of Derek McGee and Derek Sheils in the A group. However, Kneen claimed victory from the B group riders. Piloting unchallenged at the front of the second wave, Kneen nudged the elder Dunlop brother off the top of the rostrum by a mere 0.3 seconds.


“I’m obviously disappointed to lose-out on a race win that I felt I had well covered. When you take the chequered flag you expect to be the race winner, but I’m not a bad loser and rules are rules whether you agree with them or not,” said Dunlop in a Tyco Suzuki press release. “Taking the positives, it does set-us-up-well for the North West 200 and I think this weekend we have proved that we can be competitive and have plenty to look forward to.”

In the earlier Open race, it was Sheils and McGee who got the better of William Dunlop. The Kawasaki duo took the 1-2 spots, with the third-placed Dunlop earning one of his three podiums. Dunlop’s younger brother, Michael, raced through an arm injury sustained in a BSB crash at the Brands Hatch circuit. Having at one time announced he would sit out the 2014 season, Michael Dunlop jumped back into the road race series after signing a deal to race the BMW. In the inaugural Cookstown race, however, Dunlop retired his BMW in both the Superbike contests.

Dunlop proved more fortunate in the second Supersport race, however, where he piloted a Honda to victory ahead of McGee and Sheils – with the latter duo racing Yamahas in the Supersport ranks. Michael Dunlop just missed the podium in the first Supersport race, finishing one spot behind his brother William, riding a Tyco Suzuki. Sheils and McGee repeated their Open result, with a 1-2 finish Supersport Race 1.

The Supertwins class, dominated by the Kawasaki 650 with a smattering of Suzuki entrants, saw Michael Dunlop secure his second win on the day. Dunlop was joined on the podium by James Cowton and Jamie Hamilton. Dunlop’s participation in the Supertwins race is notable, as he will race the class at the TT – therefore participating in six TT races and attempting an unprecedented six-win TT performance, with Dunlop having nearly matched the five-TT feat of Ian Hutchinson with four wins last year (Dunlop finishing runner-up to John McGuinness in the Senior TT).

The road racing schedule continues next week at the Tandragee 100, with the North West 200 slated two weeks later – May 13-17. The BBC reports Michael Dunlop’s arm injury will require surgery, with his participation in the NW200 in doubt. The Isle of Man TT fortnight will commence May 24, with the TT races May 31 thru June 6.

2014 Cookstown 100 Results:
1. Dan Kneen (Suzuki) 87.967 mph
2. William Dunlop (Suzuki) 87.922 mph
3. Derek McGee (Kawasaki) 87.697 mph
4. Derek Sheils (Kawasaki) 87.680 mph
5. Michael Sweeney (Kawasaki) 87.033 mph
6. John Walsh (BMW) 85.554 mph
7. Alan Bonner (Honda) 85.484 mph
8. Seamus Elliott (Kawasaki) 85.101 mph
9. Shaun Anderson (Suzuki) 85.081 mph
10. Davy Morgan (Honda) 84.140 mph

2014 Cookstown 100 Open Results:
1. Derek Sheils (Kawasaki) 87.817 mph
2. Derek McGee (Kawasaki) 87.721 mph
3. William Dunlop (Suzuki) 87.414 mph
4. Jamie Hamilton (Honda) 87.714 mph
5. Michael Sweeney (Kawasaki) 85.859 mph
6. Seamus Elliott (Kawasaki) 85.703 mph
7. Dan Kneen (Suzuki) 85.685 mph
8. Alan Bonner (Honda) 84.421 mph
9. John Walsh (BMW) 84.353 mph
10. Davy Morgan (Honda) 84.271 mph

2014 Cookstown 100 Supersport Race 1 Results:
1. Derek Sheils (Yamaha) 85.780 mph
2. Derek McGee (Yamaha) 85.746 mph
3. William Dunlop (Suzuki) 85.515 mph
4. Michael Dunlop (Honda) 85.493 mph
5. Michael Sweeney (Yamaha) 85.288 mph
6. Michael Pearson (Kawasaki) 84.920 mph
7. Jamie Hamilton (Honda) 84.510 mph
8. Dan Kneen (Honda) 83.510 mph
9. Seamus Elliott (Yamaha) 83.371 mph
10. Davy Morgan (Yamaha) 83.032 mph

2014 Cookstown 100 Supersport Race 2 Results:
1. Michael Dunlop (Honda) 86.413 mph
2. Derek McGee (Yamaha) 86.231 mph
3. Derek Sheils (Yamaha) 86.211 mph
4. William Dunlop (Suzuki) 86.134 mph
5. Dan Kneen (Honda) 85.620 mph
6. Jamie Hamilton (Honda) 85.386 mph
7. James Kelly (Yamaha) 84.989 mph
8. Seamus Elliott (Yamaha) 84.664 mph
9. Sam Wilson (Yamaha) 84.596 mph
10. Michael Sweeney (Yamaha) 84.561 mph

2014 Cookstown 100 SuperTwins Results:
1. Michael Dunlop (Kawasaki) 81.994 mph
2. James Cowton (Kawasaki) 81.869 mph
3. Jamie Hamilton (Kawasaki) 81.626 mph
4. Connor Behan (Kawasaki) 80.709 mph
5. Michal Dokoupil (Kawasaki) 80.528 mph
6. Michael Sweeney (Kawasaki) 80.243 mph
7. Andy Farrell (Kawasaki) 80.183 mph
8. Davy Morgan (Kawasaki) 79.365 mph
9. Ben Rea (Kawasaki) 78.522 mph
10. Ian Morrell (Suzuki) 77.917 mph


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