Ronax 500 2-Stroke Race Bike Teaser

April 29, 2014
Byron Wilson
Byron Wilson
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German company Ronax GMBH has announced it will release a new, limited-edition 500cc V4 2-Stroke race bike on June 8, 2014. At there’s scant information available, except for a world-premiere ticker and photos of the machine under stretched yellow fabric.

The teaser images betray some features of the machine which make it appear that the Ronax 500 will be an homage to one of the final 2-Stroke race bikes to contend the MotoGP World Championship. The German firm states only 46 Ronax 500 units are planned for production. Number 46 is, of course, none other than Valentino Rossi, who took the final 2-Stroke MotoGP title, in 2001 aboard Honda’s NSR500. I’m no Sherlock, but the pieces of the puzzle seem to line up nicely.

The Ronax 500 site also claims that, while designed as a racebike, the new machine will also be easily convertible for use on the road, saying “with only a few easy adjustments the bikes is transformed from a racebike into a roadbike!”


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