Seattle 250 Supercross Results 2014

April 12, 2014
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Cole Seely celebrated his second win of the 2014 250 Supercross season with a victory at Seattle. The Troy Lee Designs Honda rider placed his CRF250R ahead of West Coast 250 rival and championship points leader, Jason Anderson, and ProCircuit Kawasaki’s Justin Hill.


The 15-lap main event jumped off with ProCircuit Kawasaki’s Dean Wilson (15) snagging the holeshot, but Seely got ahead and held the early lead which he would never lose. Wilson trailed the front-runner, followed by fellow Kawasaki rider Justin Hill. The points-leading Anderson, meanwhile, had to work his way around the hot-starting Cooper Webb and Zachery Freeberg before running fourth.

Seely continued to hold the advantage, with Wilson in hot pursuit, but the Kawasaki rider went down – surrendering his podium position and having to fight his way back in the top-five running. Hill benefited from Wilson’s mistake to move into second, with Anderson now on his tail.

As the race kicked into the second half, Anderson moved past Hill. With five laps to go, the KTM rider held onto second with Hill close by, but Seely was uncatchable. Anderson continued his pursuit, but went down and had to scrap with Hill for the runner-up spot. Anderson survived another bobble and loss of position to Hill, but managed to bring it home in second during the closing laps.

The 250 Supercross title hunt was a two-rider race coming into Seattle, and with his victory Seely whittles the points lead of Anderson down to eight heading into the Vegas finale.

2014 250 Supercross Seattle Results:
1. Cole Seely (Honda)
2. Jason Anderson (KTM)
3. Justin Hill (Kawasaki)
4. Dean Wilson (Kawasaki)
5. Jessy Nelson (Honda)
6. Zach Osbourne (Honda)
7. Cooper Webb (Yamaha)
8. Jake Canada (Honda)
9. Malcolm Stewart (Honda)
10. Shane MceIrath (Honda)
11. Michael Leib (Honda)
12. Dakota Tedder (Kawasaki)
13. Scott Champion (Yamaha)
14. Preston Mull (Yamaha)
15. Chris Howell (Yamaha)
16. Aaron Siminoe (Kawasaki)
17. Chad Gores (Honda)
18. Zackery Freeberg (Yamaha)
19. Ross Johnson (Honda)
20. Collin Jurin (Kawasaki)
21. Ryder Steffy (Kawasaki)
22. Johnny Jelderda (Honda)

2014 250 Supercross West Coast Points:
1. Jason Anderson, 178
2. Cole Seely, 170
3. Justin Hill, 139
4. Dean Wilson, 138
5. Cooper Webb, 121
6. Malcolm Stewart, 121
7. Jessy Nelson, 103
8. Zach Osbourne, 100
9. Shane Mcelrath, 96
10. Jake Canada, 72


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