2014 Tandragee 100 Results

May 5, 2014
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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The Tandragee 100, Round 2 of the Irish road race series, saw Dan Kneen and William Dunlop repeat their earlier successes at the preceding Cookstown races. Kneen bagged both Superbike races, including the titular Tandragee 100, with Dunlop taking the Supersport victory. The Tanadragee races were overshadowed, however, by the death of racer Noel Murphy.

Murphy perished while competing in the Junior Support race on Friday. The 36-year-old Irishman had celebrated a victory in the second Junior Support race at Cookstown only a week prior. The racing program continued following Murphy’s death (with the Belfast Telegraph reporting at the request of Murphy’s father), with the races shortened to three laps and many riders withdrawing from competition.


Dunlop claimed the lone Supersport race at Tandragee, with the TAS Suzuki rider having won the second Supersport contest at Cookstown. The elder of the Dunlop brothers bested a familiar name to earn his victory, finishing ahead of Scottish rider Keith Amor – who has returned from his brief TT retirement. Twice-runner up in the Cookstown Supersport races, Kawasaki rider Derek McGee completed the Tangragee Supersport rostrum.

“I qualified on Pole Position, won the race and set the fastest lap, so there are no complaints from me,” said Dunlop in a TAS Suzuki press release. “The GSX-R600 Suzuki is a great bike to ride. I was able to win my first-ever Supersport race at Tandragee and also set my fastest-ever lap around here, so it sets us up well now for the North West 200.”

Manxman Dan Kneen extended his Superbike winning streak to three by doubling up at Tandragee. The unexpected winner of the Cookstown 100 race by way of corrected time from the second wave of riders, Kneen claimed the checkers in more conventional fashion beating Kawasaki rider Derek McGee in the Superbike opener and Suzuki rider Shaun Anderson in the namesake Tandragee 100.

Wilson Craig’s Jamie Hamilton rounded out the Superbike Race 1 podium, followed by Dunlop and Amor. In the second Superbike race Honda’s Davy Morgan claimed third, with Kawasaki’s Michael Sweeney and Suzuki’s Paul Cranston rounding out the top five.

Michael Dunlop was a conspicuous absence from the Tandragee field, having undergone surgery for his arm which was injured during the Brands Hatch BSB race. The younger Dunlop sibling, who successfully contested the preceding Cookstown races with a Supersport and Supertwins victory, is aiming to return to action at next week’s North West 200.

2014 Tandragee 100 Results:
1. Dan Kneen (Suzuki) 103.997
2. Shaun Anderson (Suzuki) 103.463 mph
3. Davy Morgan (Honda) 102.647 mph
4. Michael Sweeney (Kawasaki) 102.630 mph
5. Paul Cranston (Suzuki) 101.588 mph
6. Stephen McKnight (Yamaha) 99.707 mph
7. Dave Hewson (Aprilia) 99.323 mph
8. Anthony McColgan (Honda) 96.628 mph
9. Alan Connor (Suzuki) 96.576 mph
10. Tom Robinson (Kawasaki) 96.447 mph

2014 Tandragee 100 Superbike Race 1 Results:
1. Dan Kneen (Suzuki) 102.615 mph
2. Derek McGee (Kawasaki) 102.366 mph
3. Jamie Hamilton (Honda) 102.174 mph
4. William Dunlop (Suzuki) 101.966 mph
5. Keith Amor (Honda) 101.945 mph
6. Shaun Anderson (Suzuki) 100.993 mph
7. Michael Sweeney (Kawasaki) 100.345 mph
8. Seamus Elliott (Kawasaki) 99.665 mph
9. Davy Morgan (Honda) 99.584 mph
10. James Kelly (Yamaha) 99.418 mph

2014 Tandragee 100 Supersport Results:
1. William Dunlop (Suzuki) 105.598 mph
2. Keith Amor (Honda) 105.580 mph
3. Derek McGee (Kawasaki) 105.049 mph
4. Connor Behan (Kawasaki) 103.086 mph
5. Jamie Hamilton (Honda) 103.035 mph
6. Seamus Elliott (Yamaha) 102.941 mph
7. James Kelly (Yamaha) 102.920 mph
8. Davy Morgan (Honda) 102.866 mph
9. Michael Sweeney (Yamaha) 102.803 mph
10. Sam Wilson (Yamaha) 102.137 mph

2014 Tandragee 100 Supertwins Results:
1. Connor Behan (Kawasaki) 87.421 mph
2. Stephen McKnight (Suzuki) 86.028 mph
3. Ian Morrell (Suzuki) 84.570 mph
4. Dan Kneen (Kawasaki) 82.486 mph

2014 Tandragee 100 250 GP Results:
1. Michael Sweeney (Honda) 82.813 mph
2. John Ella (Honda) 82.762 mph
3. Sam Dunlop (Honda) 82.197 mph
4. Paul Robinson (Honda) 80.541 mph


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