Chicken Hawk Racing and YCRS Team Up

May 21, 2014
Courtesy of Chicken Hawk Racing
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Chicken Hawk Racing Tire Warmers will be the Official Tire Warmer of the Yamaha Champion Riding School (YCRS) for the next two seasons providing a discount to all students who pass through the school.

CHR company founder, David Podolsky, said “When we started manufacturing tire warmers in 1992, no one in the USA was using them. It has all been about tires & education and that is why we are so proud to be partnered with the Yamaha Champion Riding School. We at CHR have been explaining “heat cycles”, “hot tire pressure” and how to manage your tires which is a complex topic. Riding a motorcycle at speed is surely a complex topic and the staff of the YCRS is excellent, articulate and all about educating the students. As an Expert Club Racer who has won a few championships and I can say after taking the 2 day school twice, it’s fantastic”.

YCRS partner, Keith Culver, added “We have a few drills to show students first thing in the morning so we like to have a warm set of tires ready to go. When the school was relocated to NJ we knew we could have some brisk mornings so when the topic came to tire warmers, we all looked at each other, in unison, and said Chicken Hawk. I myself, still have a working set that I bought used in 1997 so it was easy to pick the best warmers in the business.” We even have a YCRS review of CHR warmers on YouTube:

The YCRS staff will have Chicken Hawk Racing tire warmers for their use during the school and students will get a $50/off coupon good at any Chicken Hawk Racing dealer.

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About Chicken Hawk Racing –
• Chicken Hawk Racing Inc. was founded in 1992 and pioneered tire warmer technology in the USA.
• CHR’s industrial division designs, manufactures product for the US Military, Lockheed Martin, 3M, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and Nuclear Power facilities. The engineering and product quality is world class.
• Located in the Hudson Valley of NY our staff has specialized in designing, building and servicing the most rugged Tire Warmers in the business.


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