EBR in Sonoma Superbike Shootout 2014

May 1, 2014
Courtesy of EBR
The 2014 EBR 1190RX will retail for  18 995.
Cory West will ride for EBR (the new 1190RX pictured above) during Round 2 of the 2014 GEICO Motorcycle Superbike Shootout at Sonoma Raceway.

Erik Buell Racing (EBR) has announced they will partner with K&L Supply to enter the #13 EBR 1190 with Cory West in the Sonoma round of the Superbike Shootout series this coming weekend, May 3-4.

“EBR is very excited with this new opportunity to run the EBR 1190 in front of the race fans. We had commitments that made it impossible to attend the first Superbike Shootout round in Fontana, but with K&L Supply adding their support we were able to make a rush trip from our test in Louisiana last weekend to the beautiful Sonoma Raceway track in Sonoma, California,” announced Erik Buell, founder of EBR. “We are spread thin competing in a number of race series internationally with our small company, but we really wanted to show our support for Superbike Shootout. We really thanks K&L Supply, as well as our long term international sponsors AMSOIL and Hero MotorCorp for helping us get Cory and the team there.”

Brandon Lee of K&L Supply says that EBR is a great fit for their company.

“Being involved in professional racing is important for K&L Supply, and we’re excited to sponsor EBR and Cory for this event,” says Lee. “EBR has been using K&L Supply for special tools and shop equipment, and also represents the same passion for hard work and great products that we have at our company. Cory is a motivated and talented young rider with a great attitude, and we’re excited to see what eh can do racing at Sonoma.”

AMSOIL race manage Jeremy Meyer said, “EBR has been a committed long term partner for us as we work to continuously exceed expectations with the highest quality synthetic motorcycle lubricants. Not only does EBR specify AMSOIL as the very finest street oil for their 1190RS and 1190RX models, they know our products are capable of taking the outrageous abuse of superbike racing.”

Motorcycles racing in the Superbike Shootout at Sonoma all have at least 1000cc in engine displacement from a variety of twin and multi-cylinder powerplants. Superbikes prepared for this level of competition are capable of reaching speeds in excess of 200mph, and represent the highest level of performance in American road racing.