Galfer USA Puts Brakes on Empire Freestyle

May 16, 2014
Courtesy of Galfer USA
Empire Freestyle is outfitted with Galfer brake components.
Empire Freestyle is outfitted with Galfer brake components.

Whether they are stunting or drifting, Empire Freestyle stars Nick “Apex” Brocha and Ernie “EDub” Vigil use Galfer brake components to get their bikes stopped with precision. Galfer USA provides all of the stopping power needed for Empire Freestyle, one of the top street stunt teams in the United States.

Nick and Ernie switch between their stunt bikes and their drift bikes. Their street freestyle performances are a highlight of motorcycle shows, rallies and bike weeks across the nation. They use a combination of Galfer steel-braided brake lines, brake pads, master cylinders and rotors for the accurate, predictable braking that their riding style requires.

When it comes to stunting and drifting, Nick says, “Both of them rely on very accurate braking, so we were looking for a company that had a full line of gear, from rotors to master cylinders. Galfer offers all of that, and we trust our lives to their brakes, as all motorcyclists do. We’ve never had anything but the best of luck with their products.”

Nick and Ernie are perhaps best known for their Motorcycle Vs. Car Drift Battle videos. There are three battles on YouTube, and together they have more than 40 million views. Both riders seem to defy the laws of physics, sliding their motorcycles through tight turns and drifting their rear tires to the very edge of the road. And they do it all with Galfer brakes.

Fans can see Nick and Ernie put their Galfer brakes to the ultimate test by visiting their home online,

From the track to the street, Galfer USA distributes the full range of Galfer brake components. Galfer’s wave rotors, brake pads and brake lines provide more consistent, predictable braking and increased modulation, giving all riders a competitive edge when it comes to stopping like a pro. The family-run company was founded by Maffio Milesi in 1946, and in 1992, Galfer expanded from its roots in Barcelona, Spain, to the United States. Keep up with Galfer USA at and follow @GalferUSA on Twitter and Instagram.


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